Main Bedroom Progress, part 1

I’m going to be sharing tons of pictures in my next post of our bedroom in its current state, but I wanted to give you the run down first.

So, first. You should know that the main bedroom in this house is pretty sweet. To us, with our history of closet-sized bedrooms and shared hall bathrooms, it’s gigantic. And luxurious. To us. Probably not to you necessarily. But, totally to us. It even has a (short, but totally distinguishable) little hallway that leads to it. Very respectable.

Also. It’s black and orange. If you haven’t already figured, orange is my favorite. And you can’t have orange without black. I know what you are thinking…Halloween. Yes, it’s kind of like everyday Halloween in my room. And I love it. This is turning into one of my favorite rooms in the house. I know its not for everyone, but it’s for me. Dream room, not mine:Jonathan Adler Black Orange room

source: Jonathan Adler 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life

I wish it was mine, though so I’m taking a lot of cues from it. This must be the happiest place in the world. Full of good things: grasscloth, Halloween colors, weird but beautiful sculptural tables, so much texture, a low down bed, a low slung woven chair, that perfect abstract painting, and I can’t even talk about (only scream about) those dangling Fat Lava tiles on the wall. It all makes me curse, in such a good way. I want to move right in. Is it wrong to straight up copy this room? Because I want to. I won’t, but this is definitely the vibe I’m going for.

To give you some perspective, this is the vibe I started with:master bedroom beforeThis bedroom, like the rest of our lovely house, was covered in busy wallpaper and yellow 70’s paint. The wallpaper in this particular room happened to come off easy, completely unlike the rest of the house. My husband walked in and emerged one hour later with the room looking like this, below, a total wallpaper miracle. (If you are curious about all the drywall squares, they were removed for plumbing work in adjacent bathrooms).master bedroom beforeAfter some paint and some moving in, it looked like this for awhile:master before heywood wakefield bedAnd now, with some shades and lights and a half-built new bed frame, our room looks something like this. We’ve come a long way, but have long to go.Bamboo shades blinds bedroom

A concise list for all fellow list lovers out there:

Main Bedroom

  • Remove so much wallpaper
  • Remove old shutters
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Black wall phase 1 (paint)
  • Hang bamboo blinds
  • Rehab sconces (coming in another post)
  • Install sconces
  • Clean up luan bedroom door
  • Black wall phase 2 (grasscloth)
  • Build new bed frame!
  • Install new fan
  • Different desk?
  • Buy and install new door to the backyard (with a window!)
  • Paint that door
  • Paint pocket door and closet door
  • Paint trim
  • Replace light switches
  • Install hardwood floors (I think, but second guessing this???)
  • Install new baseboards
  • Super long term: Build in some storage on either side of the window

Join me for part 2 tomorrow!


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