Repairing Rusted Dishwasher Trays

Speaking of pukey bisque colored appliances, the dishwasher just won’t break so I have no legitimate reason to buy a new one. I tried the “diswasher tray is rusty and ruining our dishes” approach, but my husband wasn’t going for it. He just ordered a toxic little product called ReRack from Amazon so I could repair the rusted tray instead. Actually, I don’t know how toxic it is, but I’m suspicious that way. I can confirm that it is smelly and you need to do it outside. (This goes without saying but somebody needed to say it to me: you can carry your tray outside and apply the stuff out there; no need to plan around when the kids will be out of the house so you can stink up your kitchen.)

ReRack Review Dishwasher Tray Repair Rust

Before, our racks looked like this. Rusty, pitted, destroyers of dishware edges.

Rusty Dishwasher Tray Repair

I followed the instructions which were something like remove any loose chunks of rust or epoxy from the tray, clean with alcohol, apply with the brush and let dry 24 hours. I forget if I did 2 coats or not. After it looked like this. So much better.

Dishwasher Tray Repair RustThat was in December. The repairs are, for the most part, holding up. As you can see, there are a few areas where I missed or didn’t give it enough coverage and rust is creeping back, but it is waaay better than it was to begin with. I say it was $8 well spent.

Rusty Dishwasher Tray Repair

Rusty Dishwasher Tray Repair




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