The Preway Grew

preway fireplace mid century malm fire place lights logs retro coneLook who grew by a few feet! Like I said before, this fireplace’s cropped height was driving me crazy because its second flue was too tall by a few inches to fit below the ceiling. It looked nonfunctioning, even though it is (I’m that shallow). And now its fixed, but still nonfunctioning…if you call a centerpiece of a room lacking in function. preway fireplace mid century malm fire place black retro vintage coneThe options for solving this problem were 1. cut down the flue 2. cut down the legs or 3. buy and install new legs so as not to destroy the original legs. We went with the least invasive – #3. I bought some cheap steel legs from Ikea, painted them black, and somehow they ended up fitting into the existing screws in the base and being just the right height. The process took a bit longer than that; there was some engineering feats involved in interconnecting the pipes while having zero ceiling clearance. My husband is a wizard so he figured it out and here it is!

More updated photos here. Looking good, as always, Preway.

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