Weird Estate Sale Thing

Estate sales combine two great things: digging through piles of weird old stuff and snooping in houses. I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I only drag myself out of the house for the snooping part. That’s what I did last weekend. The house blew my mind and, as an unexepected bonus, I bought one of the weirder things I’ve ever purchased…mid century fountain vintage space age atomic water feature

I keep tabs on a certain neighborhood in my town where I don’t live but think I will someday. This certain neighborhood is where the house of my dreams stands (hopefully being preserved rather than trashed by it’s current owners while it waits for me). So I saw an estate sale in this ‘hood in a particularly stand-out house. It’s a mid century but very Frank Lloyd Wright-esque. I could tell from the ad that the furnishings were not at all my kind of deal and, in an ordinary house, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. So glad I did! There’s no lady like way to say this…the interior was a pants crap. Amazing. Original. Wood and stone everything. Crazy views. The coolest bent wood baffling on the sale

While almost everything there for sale was not my thing, the few things I did really want were firmly not for sale. Like these dang vintage tiki torches of my dreams. They refused to sell them for anything less than the $1.8 mil asking for the house.mid century vintage tiki torches propane polynesianana

But I did score this. What is it? Did it fall from space? Is made of moon pieces? Or a meteorite? Did it come from Stovall’s Cosmic Age Lodge? (<—-which, by the way, is the subject of my favorite little photo in the blue bathroom. I had a Disneyland motel obsession until they were all disgustingly destroyed and plundered in the past decade.) It’s a fountain and I can’t answer the other questions. All I knew was that this ugly hunk had to be mine. I have no idea what I will do with it or how it even works but I know I’M THE BIG WINNER HERE.mid century fountain vintage space age atomic water feature

mid century fountain vintage space age atomic water feature

I also found a few other unnecessary essentials plus a giant bag of vintage Christmas ornaments, not pictured.vintage mid century starburst pitcher danish teak nut cracker

But the fountain is the score of my summer.
mid century fountain vintage space age atomic water feature


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