The Guest Room

guest room mid century rainforest dew behr paint encore bed niagara nightstand lamp vintage record cabinet bamboo blinds with curtains bamboo curtain rodLet me introduce you the guest room. It’s not the most daring room, as great guest rooms are. It more kind of came together with all the left over pieces of the house, as most guest rooms are. Considering that, I think it’s pulling it off alright. One day it will become a kid’s room (even though they love sharing a room right now), so things are pretty tame to allow for an easy conversion. Excuse the gross carpet and unpainted baseboards, hopefully they will be gone in a few weeks! The usuals, for us, remain on the to-do list for this room: wood floors, baseboards and lighting. I didn’t take a photo of it, but there is 1 sad, scary light bulb hanging from the ceiling at the moment.
vintage chair mid centuryThis is one of the few non-white rooms in the house. It’s light greenish yellow. The paint color is a favorite from our old house, where I had it everywhere, but I’m not sure about it in California. Rainforest Dew by wallMost of the furniture is parts of two vintage Heywood Wakefield bedroom sets, an Encore and a Niagara. We have zero use for the vanity at the moment and it seriously needs a refinishing, but I have these visions of my daughter using it in a few years so I’m hanging on to it and letting it clog up my furniture flow. And sinking money into reupholstering the stool.heywood wakefield vanity mid century vintage cork lamp stoolI can’t get rid of this 50’s record cabinet even though it doesn’t work. I’ve had it for like 15 years and don’t know what to do with it other than hoard it. Guest room storage.vintage mid century record player cabinet cactus jonathan adler fish plates bamboo trayThis lamp is so cute. I love it. Thrift find. The curtains are painted on Ikea curtains, an ill planned project where most of the print is hidden by furniture, but still fun.mid century green lamp light heywood wakefield niagara encore bedroom setDid you know I majored in the useless study of analog photography in college? Did you know I love shooting old mini golf courses? One good thing to come out of it is that I have endless prints for hanging.
photo wall rainforest dew behr paint colorThis is where the string art on cork ended up.vintage cork string art mid centuryThis old chair has been hanging around for far too long. It should probably be reupholstered and refinished but I don’t love it enough to spend the money or time, nor do I dislike it enough to get rid of. So I put my problems in the guest room and forget about them. Hospitable, I know!
vintage chair mid century fabric nailedI decided to hang the curtains on a long piece of garden bamboo. It made a cheap and easy rod. It is resting on screw-in-wall hooks. guest room mid century heywood wakefield bed lamp vintage record cabinet bamboo blinds with curtains bamboo curtain rod



  • Remove curtains
  • Remove ceiling light
  • Remove WALLPAPER!
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Paint closet doors and trim
  • Hang blinds
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang string art and photos
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Install wood floors
  • Install baseboards

So there’s that! You better hope I’m back with photos of wood flooring in here by the end of the month, or I may shut the house down in frustration.



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