Family Room Inspiration

Hey everybody! We are bouncing around between house projects at the moment, trying to squeeze in a few things before my husband’s school year starts. I’m still painting random trim and this week we are putting in a concrete curb around our patch of grass in the backyard. It is such a mess, but maybe one day soon there will be progress to show.

I’m hoping to take on the family room next. So, time to play the if-my-family-room-could-look-like-any-room-I-would-choose-you game! I bring the fun. Here are mine. There are some reoccurring themes: texture, coziness, oranges, dark wood tones, white walls.

Stylish Midcentury-Modern Living Room With Stone Wall HGTVsource: HGTV
Neutra Singleton House Los Angeles Mid Century Vidal Sassoonsource: Modern Homes Los Angeles
Santa Monica Mid Century Living Room Houzz Natalie Epstein Designsource: Houzz

There is no way to play this game without a mention of the Draper apartment. Is it weird to want to live in a TV set? Does it make me a cartoon? Well, if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right cuz Don Draper’s apartment is rad. (And for fun we have to look at Megan’s place too. So well done.)

Don Draper Apartment Mad Men Set Designsource: Time
Megan Draper House Laurel Canyon Mad Men Set Design Bungalowsource: Interior Design

And we’ll close with the Parker Palm Springs because Jonathan Adler is my be-all end-all and this is perfection and wanting your family room to look like a hotel is totally normal.

Parker Palm Springs Firepit Jonathan Adler
Parker Palm Springs Lobby Jonathan Adler
Parker Palm Springs Lobby Jonathan Adlersource: Parker Palm Springs

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