Accent Paint Colors are Hard

midcentury 60's fence and gate pink peach barndoor barn door xThis is our driveway fence. We have a corner lot so our garage and driveway are accessed around the corner at the back of the house, next to our backyard. I’m pretty in love with this cute curvy fence so I was happy to go at it during my fence painting frenzy (that I’m still deep into, BTW). Painting the fence the same color wasn’t the most exciting change ever, but it looks so much better! You never realize how shabby things look until they aren’t anymore.fence

fence prime


midcentury fence and gate barndoor barn door xSince I couldn’t change the house color, I liked the idea at least switching up the trim. That proved harder than I thought. Accent colors, at least for me, are hard to get just right. I always need a few tries (and I always resort to mixing colors myself) until I get the result I see in my head. The previous trim color totally worked with the existing colors and I didn’t dislike it in the mix, but I didn’t like the color itself. I can only describe it as a dusty 80’s pastel purple pink mauve. I was trying to go more pink and less purple. I’ve had a few swings at this trim color and I’m still not sure I’m loving it. I started with a punchy coral (Behr California Coral), which seemed like a great idea, but was terrible. My house looked like the Madonna Inn, but not in a good way:behr California Coral

fence and gate

fenceThen I watered it down with the fence color for a more wedding dress pink (who else got married in pink?). It’s OK. If I’m gonna have a coral/blush fence, this is the shade I’m looking for. It’s not loud enough to be an eyesore but still fun…but I might hate it. I was in a stranger mood last week than I am right now. Right now, it feels cartoonish, but I think that’s the state of mind I was in when I chose the color (Edward Scissorhands houses!). I’m gonna sit with it for a few weeks and see how I feel. fence pink

fence 1962 ford thunderbirdIf it hasn’t grown on me (and so far it hasn’t!), I’m going for a standard taupe, like the trim in this photo below. I shared this awhile back; it’s a hotel in Palm Springs that I LOVE the look of. My house just happens to extremely similar in color (and my front door will be orange one of these days) so taupey grey trim would be a safe bet, apparently. If anything, it looks way more mature than my insane pink trim. (UPDATE: the pink did the opposite of grow on me so I went with taupe.)Orange front door mid century modern

source: Palm Springs Life

In bad news, we found termite damage and actual termites in our driveway/backyard fence. That has been a bummer, though not completely unexpected. We tented 2 years ago, but if you live in the Southwest, I think it’s safe to say that termites are slowly chewing on your property 100% of the time. Unfortunately, these fence posts were put directly in the dirt, which is bad practice here. If there is no wood touching the soil, the termites can’t access it and don’t eat it. So, now, there is really no way to protect the fence from termites. All you can do is prolong the death of your fence through “population control”, which sucks. I hate using crap like poison. But we aren’t in a position to redo the fence correctly at the moment and it would be stupid to let the termites proliferate and spread back to our house (if they haven’t already). So, poison it is! In our backyard. Yay.fence 1962 ford thunderbirdIn good news, grasscloth went up yesterday! I’ll get some pictures up next time. xoxo


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