New year, new style. Just kidding

IMG_6016I don’t usually look back with nostalgia at the passing years, and I may never again, but I’m in a contemplative mood right now and spewing reflection all over the place. Maybe because I just turned 35 and that alone warrants some thinking, mourning and acceptance of adulthood with zero possibility of return. Regardless, something about 2015 got me. It was a good one. On the home front, it was a combo of progress and routine. And, personally, I’ve felt more like myself than I have in years. This is TMI for a house blog, but becoming a parent and living in places I didn’t want to mixed with some depression really made for some muddled and strange years and 2015 was the first one in so long that the fear of slipping back into that didn’t hover over me. I’m still here, Hallelujah! I laughed my regular amount, which is the only thing I ask of myself at this point. I was surprised by how much I liked writing this blog (seriously, THANKS FOR READING!!!!). House projects sound like such a petty way to mark the passage of time, but since they bring me an insane amount of happiness I’m stacking ’em up to see where the year went. So without further embarrassing rambling, here’s my favorite house related events of 2015…

Painting the family/dining room! A project so fresh that I haven’t even photographed it, so you’ll have to trust me when I say HUGE IMPROVEMENT:

A pulled together kids’ room made life a little easier:Shared children's room danish modern twin beds bedframes stripes mid century bookshelf toy shelf vintage lamp plywood DIYBy far, the most read post of the year was this one about weird old fireplaces. Glad everybody’s with me:Vintage Mid Century Retro Malm Preway Fire Place FIreplace freestanding 60's 70'sThis string on cork project is my most favorite thing my hands made this year:DIY String Art Cork Thread how to make string art pins nailsI haven’t posted about this yet, but amateur backyard curbs that were harder but more impactful than expected:curb backyard curveTechnically from last year, this 2014 December kitchen faucet install payed huge 2015 dividends:Grohe Starlight Chrome Faucet KitchenMostly-finished-hallway flooring is so much better than not-started-hallway-flooring:
bellawood maple wood floors reviewHands down favorite 2015 find was this coffee table:coffee tableStill happily surprised by this pop of color on the 5 days this year that I slide the laundry room door closed:yellow pocket door kitchen mid centuryTop honors goes to the GRASSCLOTH!!! Where have you been all my life?How to hang wallpaper over wallpaper diy grass cloth

Don’t expect any New Year’s resolutions outta me because I’m not that kind of girl (though I will nag this into existence), but I’ve got some solid 2016 house goals:

  • Make the pass through in the dining room unpassable but totally cute!
  • Laundry room counter top!
  • Rehab or new front door!
  • Get the wood floor boxes out of the family room and properly arrange the room!
  • Paint all the random unpainted trim in the house!
  • Paint the exterior!
  • Landscape the backyard and maybe even the front!
  • Install lights in the bathrooms and ceiling fans in the bedrooms (#dreambig)!
  • Build a bed for our bedroom!

Again, thanks for reading!!!


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