I Think I’m Done Puking?

Whoa, hey! Did you spend the first 2 weeks of school after the break consumed with illnesses? We did! I think there was one day in there where I wasn’t caring for someone or puking myself. I’m proud to say that our family sign currently has a big 4 hanging above “days since last sickness.” I had big January house plans but everything was shelved. So my January so far, like the rest of humankind, has been one big organizational rampage. I hit my closet (twice), the kids’ toys and ephemera, my desk drawers, the junk drawer, the art cabinet, the entire family room, the linen closet, and almost every kitchen cupboard. Here’s a few more random peeks from around the house to get us squared up.

Fireplace lights: I was inspired by our Christmas outdoor lighting and Elvis to shine a little color on our fireplace. Because what is the point of a rock fireplace if you don’t Jungle Room it? I know, so weird! But I’m excited about it.rock fireplace uplighting greenBest new glasses ever: We got a few of these a month ago and it was instant love, probably because they make drinking water fun. We use them everyday so we’ve decided to make it official. I ordered a couple more from CB2 (along with 1 more planter…eek…see below), enough for everyday glass usage and then some. My usual tiki-averse kids aren’t afraid of these so I’m going for it full force.CB2 tiki glasses orange aquaFront door mismanagement: A few weeks ago I had the urge to paint our front door as a temporary fix. Eventually, actually immediately, I’m wishing for a door more appropriate to the house…less scroll work, cooler hardware, and a new color. My husband got fired up for 2 minutes and started ripping off trim in an effort to make this door a little better before I painted it. And then 5 minutes later decided this was all a waste of time and we should just buy a new door. But we haven’t yet and it’s been like a month. So now, for the foreseeable future, this is what it looks like when you show up here. Classy, especially with that crumbling paint.
Planter windfall for the lady that doesn’t really like plants: Can it be a windfall if you pay for it? Anyways, I bought all these on a hunch that I needed them. Where they are all going, I don’t know. Trashlamp: I spent HOURS repairing and painting this smashed lamp that should have gone in the trash. My repair was decent enough but my paint job, an embarrassment. It’s one of my uglier projects in recent memory. Even the most unobservant person in the world (husband) observed that it “looked stupid.” My daughter, however, picked the paint color and is thrilled with the results, even crying when she saw I bought paint for a redo. So now we’re stuck with it, and it lives in her room.

Laundry room counter top: My husband built a wood countertop for the laundry room. BUT, the torrential rains of the past few weeks have revealed roof leaks all over the garage, including directly over the unfinished counter. We didn’t notice this for days so hoping there’s no damage. We have buckets everywhere in a cartoon kind of way, but it really is always this messy.No iron: Speaking of the laundry room, I attempted to buy an actual full-sized ironing board since my table top is hard to use and unenjoyable. But, like always, I realized what a bad idea that was as all ironing is hard and unenjoyable (and also fruitless). And then the greatest purchase of my life followed…a steamer. Where have I been? I don’t know, but I’ve never owned a steamer before 2016. LIFE CHANGING. Weeds: This is what the front yard looks like right now. The lawn was ripped out a few months ago but we neglected to put something down before water fell from the sky. And now, there’s this. Coupled with our sad front door, we are quite ashamed when we see our neighbors.And that about catches us up, so I’ll be back soon (like tomorrow) with family room and dining room updates. xoxo


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