The Porch Currently and a DIY Brass Mailbox

mid century house address numbers mailbox neutra brass gold porch stucco front doorHey everybody! A new addition has joined the fat stack of projects in our garage: a new front door. I know we won’t get to it for a while, but I wanted it in my possession to relieve some of the front door shame I am currently feeling. It’s a plain solid wood slab destined for orange paint. We may leave it unadorned, Eichler style. Or I may funk it up with some strange trim placement. I’d like to settle on the hardware first before I make any big design plans. Front door aside, we’ve actually done a few things to our porch. Here it is, current state. Notice my camera does not stray from the immediate door area because the rest of the yard is a total disgrace. mid century porch entry house numbers address cone light orange planter stair railThis is the original mailbox that came with the house, but I fancied it up some. Formerly, it was black with a badass plastic eagle on it. Not so much my house style. I nailed a real stick of bamboo onto it and spray painted the whole thing gold. Bada-bing. This area is covered and mostly protected from rain, so it has fared well, though I imagine a re-coat will be in order one day. The most wear has been from our mail carrier doing ins and outs on it. (If I was looking for a mailbox today, I would probably land on this cute mailbox from CB2!)mid century mail box mailbox porch brass goldOur house letters are cheap Home Depot Neutra knock-offs that I painted. We purchased them awhile ago, when there weren’t many options out there. Now, a few years later, there is such a variety of mid century inspired house numbers! I LOVE these reclaimed teak numbers from CB2 and these custom metal script numbers….aaaahhh!!!! If our address wasn’t so cumbersome, I’d have these all over my house.mid century porch entry house numbers address cone light board and batten stair railI bought these new doorbell buttons so long ago from Rejuvenation and still haven’t installed them (them, as in there are 2: one for the front door and one at the back porch). Our doorbell has wonky wiring and needs to be put back in operation before I can install the new buttons and know that they actually ding dong.mid century doorbell button door bell starburst rejuvenation starThis light has my heart. I’m not sure what was originally here, maybe something so sweet? But by the time we got the house, there was an ugly fixture. One of the first steps of homeownership was to loose it. I had such a hard time finding an double cone light rated for exterior/wet locations that wasn’t $400, and I wasn’t willing to settle for anything else. My first call was to Practical Props and they didn’t have them (BUT NOW THEY DO in aluminum, WHAT?! I would enthusiastically recommend them! That sputnik in our entry is from Practical Props.) My husband, who should probably just quit his job and become an electrician so he can have weekends off, rigged this fixture up from a vintage interior light. It’s safe and he fabricated a custom rain guard but don’t ask me anything about it because my mind can’t think or speak electrical other than hoarding all the lamps in existence. (Excuse the spider webs! The repainting of the house has been stalled weekly by rains.)mid century double cone light bowtie lamp exterior porchThis door isn’t the worst, besides the torn up trim, and it’s been fun having a pink one, but this door doesn’t belong with this house. I can’t wait to fix that injustice. And to get the yard landscaped so I can zoom it out a front door orange planter sputnik entry light

Happy weekend everybody! We have 3 days off (hats off to you Abraham Lincoln!), the sun is shining, our latest illness is on the outs, and Taco Temple* is in my future so I know it’s gonna be good one here!

*my second home. Burrito addiction would be an understatement with this place. If you are ever even remotely close to Morro Bay, GO!!! And that concludes the glowing endorsements for today…


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