Kid Room #1 Plan

coral black gold color schemeWe’ve been kicking around ideas for my daughter’s room since the major kids’ room upheaval of 2016 and here’s a look at where we are headed! My girl’s only must-haves were pink (any shade) and gold somewhere in the room. How on trend of her! (Sorry, but this is a blush/rose gold free zone!) Other than those requirements, she doesn’t much care. I wouldn’t describe my style as feminine at all, but she likes some of the girlier things in life so it has been fun and different thinking about how to incorporate a softer look into the flow of our house. Right now the room looks like this:
heywood wakefield bed white wallsOriginally we thought about white walls, a very warm hot pink (one of the few pinks we both adore) and olives and oranges, inspired by the photo below from Architectural Digest Spain. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY OBSESSION WITH THIS ROOM! That plan didn’t make the cut for two reasons. One, we don’t own a show-stopping perfectly colored pink piece necessary to pull this off and I think we have enough good stuff in our house to throw together a great space for close to free. Two, this color is a departure from my house usuals and, while it might work, cohesion is of paramount importance. But every time I look at this room I second guess everything. I’m doing it right now.

magenta hot pink papa bear chair hans wegner mid century danishsource

Another idea was to go Florida Art Deco tropical all over the place. Such a great plan that would be so fun with the 40’s blond Heywood Wakefield furniture she’s inherited from the guest room. But, even though I have DIY wallpaper hanging confidence from my last project, I couldn’t find this Bob Collins wallpaper anywhere for free (weird!). There was also the thought in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe, there is such a thing as too much bamboo in one house? I am holding on to this idea for the future, though, because it has haunted me since the year it was published.

meg braff coastal living march 2011 bob collins bamboo wallpaper orange source

That tight white and peachy coral color scheme above is really working for both us and I thought it would flow seamlessly with the rest of the house. So, that’s where we are headed in a clean, minimalist, early 60’s kind of way, very similar in vibe to this vintage clock ad mashup below.

seth thomas ad starburst clocksource

The walls are already bright white in the room so the plan is to put a huge pop of coral on one wall, mix in some gold with the light wood and bamboo blinds, and maybe throw in a spot of black. And if we are feeling really crazy, then maybe even a splatter of chartreuse or orange. It’s gonna have color and cheerfulness, but still be pretty calm and restrained.

coral black gold color schemeOur challenge has been where to put an accent wall, that –announcement- I’ve decided I shamelessly love and want in every bedroom (even though I’ve wavered in the past). Especially, when executed in a minimal and monotone palette. We originally had the bed floating under a window so an accent wall behind made perfect sense, like this incredibly rough mock up below.paint mock upBut before I could get around to painting, my daughter decided it was too hard to sleep without being grounded by a wall. So, after a few rearrangements, we’ve settled on the bed hugging the wall in the corner. Not my ideal, but no amount of sleep is worth sacrificing for best design. The challenge now is that there is no sensical wall to accent but my heart is set on one. I’ve considered the ceiling, two walls, the closet, and the door but the only solution that I like, and it goes against all accent wall rules, is to do the wall along the bed. I don’t know exactly how it will look, but I think I’m just gonna give it a go and see whether it flops or flies. It’s only paint.heywood wakefield bed white wallsI was hoping to be done with the painting already but my sweet girl has walking pneumonia that she needs to get way over before I feel comfortable painting in there! How crazy is that?! I’ll keep you posted on our progress! Until then…

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