Everyday Painting Tips

What? You aren’t painting your walls everyday? Odd, cause it seems I am. Which is probably fine with me, because when I think about dream jobs I often end up at maintenance painter for some wacky estate…or even better, Disneyland. Painting everyday. Making things fresh daily. Am I shooting for the moon with this one? By that rubric, my life is kind of great right now because I’m like a stay at home painter. Last week I got to spent some quality time painting my daughter’s new room. I used all of my most favorite painting tips and tricks so I thought I’d pass some along in case you are daily painting too.
behr sunset strip color block paint heywood wakefield bedNEVER BUY A BRUSH FROM HOME DEPOT. I’ve heard it said that a good painter could cut in with a broom and don’t doubt that to be true, but I like to do myself a solid and spend a few extra dollars on a quality brush that will be a joy to use and won’t get tossed in the trash, only to be replaced with another crappy brush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Corona Chinex brushes. Especially this little 2″ Mini Boss if you are lacking in the man hands department (I never really noticed how fatigued my hands/fingers got until I switched to a small handled brush!). Their glide is the best and then they clean ridiculously easily. The brush below has been worked and it still looks and paints like new. When I don’t want to spend such a big chunk on a brush (like when I’m painting my fence), I’ve also had great success with a value brand $5 brush from an actual paint store that was cuts above the most expensive brush HD carries.corona mini boss brush paint brush best cutting in behr lemon limeBUT MAYBE BUY PAINT FROM HOME DEPOT: When it comes to paint, just buy the good stuff. I’m sure there are a lot of other great brands, but my go to is Behr. I’ve always been happy with their quality and their color matching. But even with the best paint, I always do two coats at least no matter what.
behr sunset strip painting stripes tips painters tape paint overUSE THE REFRIGERATOR: In between coats, I usually put my brush and roller (tray and all) in the fridge to avoid drying out, especially on warm/dry days. I wrap them tight in plastic and chill them…no dried paint crumbs, no cleaning and drying brushes between coats. My kids think paint brushes are hanging out in everybody’s fridge. I’ve heard of, and tried, the freezer also for longer breaks, though I prefer cleaning between coats when it will be more than a couple hours (don’t forget to thaw if you freeze!). behr sunset strip painting stripes tips painters tape paint overUSE TAPE SPARINGLY AND, WHEN YOU DO, AVOID TOUCH UPS: Learning to cut in is such a time and money saver. I wasn’t the cleanest cutter when I started, but I’ve gotten better with experience. For stripes or blocks when tape is necessary, I like to paint a layer of base coat over my tape line before painting the accent to prevent bleed through. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s a very useful one that I sometimes skip and then always regret during the touching up of mega bleed-throughs. I also always try to remove tape before my last coat is fully dry, which gives such better results than waiting until everything is bone dry. I always have peels if I wait too long. If there is cured coats of paint involved then I usually score with a razor blade before removing. Am I the only one that has trouble with this? It’s one of the main reasons I avoid tape. Maybe it’s just Behr paint?

Please share any favorite painting tips because I still have a long list of projects to tackle! Happy painting everybody!!!

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