Easter Egg Web

easter eggs tree ornaments real eggs alternative hangingHey there everybody! Here’s my weird project for the week. If it looks like I haphazardly strung some stuff together, it’s because I totally did! I usually do zero Easter decorating because I’m just not that into it. I have a deep reverence for the meaning of the day, but humans dressed as bunnies are so creepy and Spring just means summer and since when does Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day require anything from me and when is it fall again?easter eggs tape rubberbandBut once my husband and I spent Easter in Bavaria and it was something special. The egg trees were magical. A few years back I was inspired to made these egg ornaments out of real hollow eggs with my kids so we could have our own egg tree. I don’t have instructions for that because there’s a million tutorials all over the internet and, oh also, this project literally turned me vegan (gross story below!). Even so, I think the real eggs have such a better presence than store bought ornaments. If you are an egg eater, it’s something you already have so it’s basically free with a little work (that may turn you vegan too, who knows?!). Every few years if I’m feeling like going above and beyond, I take out these egg ornaments and hang them somewhere. Usually on a branch for a more traditional egg tree. But this year I did some quick thinking outside of the usual and they ended up in the wall between the kitchen and dining room, on a strange web in a strange hole (because Halloween decorating is inspirational year round).

easter eggs tree ornaments real eggs alternative

easter eggs tree ornaments real eggs alternative hanging

easter eggs tree ornaments real eggs alternative hanging

They are equally fun on a traditional tree branch (this is in our old house with adorably surprising navy blue walls):
easter egg tree ornaments real eggs branch navy wallsIf you’ve been waiting for the gross story, now is the time! To remove the egg from the shell, you have to get really up close with the egg innards and delicately scramble/blow them out of a pin sized hole with your mouth. One of them was very stubborn and no amount of mixing or blowing would budge it. Why? Oh, because one of the (grocery store!) eggs had a half formed chick inside (!!!) that finally exploded out of the shell that I was trying to make an Easter decoration out of. I’ll spare you further details but I was traumatized and figuring out exactly how a chicky ended up in my grocery store egg gave me some insight into the sad things that happen in the egg industry and I’ve been opting out ever since. How’s that for new life? Happy Easter! easter eggs tree ornaments real eggs alternative hanging


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