Heeeey! Just a few really weird randoms today…

I’m not sure why, but a Williams-Sonoma Home catalog arrived in the mail. I’m not sure why, but I leafed through it before tossing. And unexpected inspiration struck. I’ve wanted to put a painting back in the dining room but couldn’t find or come up with anything that worked. But this painting had potential so I took my own spin on it in b-rate fashion. An unexpected thanks to WS…disrespect and respect all at once.mid century dining room grasscloth nelson saucer bubble lamp heywood wakefield paintingThese photos of the Frey II house in Palm Springs Style from a few months back have got to be some of the best I’ve ever seen. There is something special going on here and I’m obsessed. This is one of the greatest structures ever built and I’ve always wanted to visit but never have, beyond creepy stalking. To see intimate details of the space (bathroom lights! safe!) is rad. That bed next to that rock with the button in it…I WANT IT ALL! And for a house that is often photographed in B&W and really blends into the desert landscape, I was surprised to see so much yellow and turquoise represented. Thanks for the stellar peek inside Palm Springs Style and photographer Bethany Nauert. And thanks for your architectural greatness Albert Frey. Much respect.

I’m pacing by my front door in anticipation of these knobs. I don’t know exactly where they are going, but I have three guesses. Emily Henderson did a budget friendly kitchen hardware roundup recently and, even though I’m doing no budget or otherwise kitchen renovation, these were literally irresistible. Thanks for the heads up EH! R.

It’s all happening in my backyard so I’ll start with plants. I know I’ve been saying forever that I’m not a plant person and I take it all back. Ripping out every little precious flower in the backyard and starting from scratch has been the best decision. It is slowly filling, in a very minimal sort of way, with plants that I actually like and want to take care of, turning the backyard from a burden to a joy. So to the segment of plants that are aggressively adorable and spiky and non-floral and drama-free and not needy, thank you. Much respect.minimalist yard landscapingSpeaking of backyards…I rarely venture from my handful of favorite blogs, but it’s fun finding new ones that I’m into. I’m sure most of you are hugely familiar with BrittanyMakes, but I’m late to the party. I’m so loving her California deserty with a touch of Italian backyard! Being in the thick of backyard improvement, it’s nice to see someone with similar plant vibes going on who is a bit ahead in the process for motivation. Brittany, you have exquisitely good taste in plants and backyards in general. Respect.

This may date me (13 year old boy in grown woman’s body), but are you as excited for this show as I am (f bomb+ alert)???!!! Danny McBride: I LOVE YOU. How much like Kenny Powers are you actually in real life? You make sad days bearable. The montage of wreckage is so beautiful in every way. Thank you for your work. So much love and respect without a single ounce of sarcasm.

And, finally, whoever is reading this crazy post, much love and respect to you all! Have a great weekend!

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