Hey guys, it’s that time again for mad respects…

I gotta start with the Eames Hang-It-All! I’ve rationalized not buying one of these for so long but I was pretty wrong in all ways. Turns out, it’s kind of a must have. Dramatic functionality in perfect proportions. I want one in like 4 other rooms, in addition to this bathroom. Spouse says that’s dumb and hook overload, but I’m not seeing it. Respects to those dang Eameses (aside from that philandering, Charles…whoa, pull yourself together man). They get stuff.eames hang it all bathroom mid century stripe ceilingI can’t really get over this upside down vintage mirror hanging beneath that Tom Dixon light, nor can I get over how one’s quality of life improves when one is following Orlando on Instagram.

This terrible photo below is about my respect for Costco but not solar panels but maybe solar panels. Even though I literally gave a solar company solicitor a MOUTH FULL yesterday at my front door about how I’m not interested in solar panels because “the low price on paper isn’t reflective of the true cost when the government heavily subsidizes the industry with taxpayer money, and I really don’t want the government to subsidize anything, and any industry that can’t stand on its own shouldn’t stand, and really the government needs to just get out of everybody’s business,” (yikes!) I’m really loving these solar spot lights from Costco. I’m holding off on buying more until I know the batteries don’t need frequent replacement, but crossing my fingers that isn’t the case because this might be the most awesomeness ever garnered from the least amount of work. I was too lazy to drag out the tripod so you can’t really grasp the greatness from this sub par photo, but take my word. (Hey nice guy from that solar company who was just trying to do your job: Sorry for being the weirdest person you interacted with yesterday. My missing social skills and strong convictions sometimes makes for terribly awkward interactions. That’s on me. Respect.)costco solar light landscapeI finally got around to watching Love and Mercy, mostly because I wanted to watch it alone and squeal to my heart’s content, and WHOA SOOOOOO GOOD. I’d be content to just look at that sweet 60’s house (Who knows anything about it? The pool that hugs the house is bananas!), but being a Brian Wilson fan(atic/creep) made it over-the-top good. Thank God for you Brian Wilson and your happy sad songs. Respects, love and mercy forever. And good job movie makers too. John Cusack, this almost tops Better Off Dead.

Speaking of musical heroes…dear Descendents, I love you, I appreciate you immensely, and I can’t even wait for this. Thank you for playing the way you play in advance on this one.

The only reason I usually kind of like summer is because it precedes fall but so far, so great. Having a getting-better-by-the-day backyard is moving it up the ranks. So for the first time ever, respect to you Summertime for just being your hot self!It has been way too hot for my first love, massive house projects, these past few weeks so we’ve taken to an exhausting life of leisure filled with late nights, late mornings, and lots of visitors. I hope your summer is finding you the same! Thanks for reading! xoxo

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