Main Bathroom BEFORE

Get ready for some glamour shots! First let’s get a few things straight: This has already been “updated” once – see way below for the true befores. We’ve been living like this for three years. Yes, what you are seeing is indeed bathroom CARPET + bare bulb + giant wall hole. Yes, our bathroom is really is this small. Also, am I the only one who has a feeling that cultured marble is on the verge of coming back? Either way, I’ve got a thing for it. We are beginning to make some small surface improvements in here, so before that happens I present the befores/currents and the plan for this round of the main bath update…

cultured marble sink vintage

IMG_5759 (1)

  • Repipe the entire house, including this shower
  • Build a new shower dam (entire bottom half of shower was torn out to the foundation and rebuilt)
  • New shower tile to patch all the repair work (on walls, floor and door frame)
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Remove mirror/medicine cabinet
  • Remove light fixtures
  • Remove towel bars, towel hooks, and a million safety bars
  • Remove mini blinds
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Paint vanity
  • New drawer pulls (vintage)
  • New bamboo blinds


This week we are hoping to begin to tackle some smaller surface updates and address some electrical issues. The goals for this phase are:

  • Rectify and rewire the wonkiest electrical situation ever
  • Install a second wall outlet on side of the sink
  • Patch giant hole in wall and all the small ones too
  • Install new mirror
  • Install new (vintage) lights
  • New faucet
  • Towel hook (this knob from CB2)
  • Install floor tile = ???
  • Install a light and a fan and in the shower prison
  • Retouch vanity paint


A meatier renovation awaits us on down the line. This bathroom is TINY and cramped (only 25″ between that vanity and the shower!) and dominated by the huge 72″ long, one-sink vanity. However, both of us agree that a small bathroom and a shared sink are a-ok. We could push out the bathroom into the bedroom and/or the dressing room – and I know that would technically increase the value of our house – but it’s not something either of us want so I don’t think we’ll be doing a full on remodel. However, I’d love for the shower to have a full glass enclosure instead of a dark box to allow more light and visual openness into the cramped space, and to gain a few inches in there. The shower currently sits at 31″x37″!  I’d eventually also love to have a different countertop and sink, though I’m happy to bask in this 70’s cultured marble in the meantime!


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