Hi friends! Guess what? School started today in my area and my kids aren’t there because we are officially a homeschool family!!!! I’m incredibly excited but understandably nervous too. There’s a big handful of reasons, but mostly I just want to see my kids more. I’m one of those. And this really accomplishes that on a grand scale. I’m not sure how it will work, or if it will work, but we all figured why the heck not try? I have a feeling it will be one of the best decisions we’ve made. Hence the cramming in of as many house projects as possible before I begin moonlighting as a 1st and 3rd grade teacher next week! In the meantime, some respects are in order…

Obsessed with following the progress on this A-Frame update. Obsessed. (The laundry room!) Respect to all the A-frame lovers and restorers out there.

I love the balance that this house strikes between quirky and clean modern. So playful but not cluttered. The kitchen tiles are what kitchen tile dreams are made of. Well done! RESPECT.

Avalon Beverly Hills Lobby Bar Stripes Platner Kelly WearstlerI know hotel design calls for constant updating but somethings just work and don’t need to be reinvented. I’m talking about interior perfection (Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills^) being re-designed at the hand of it’s creator (Kelly Wearstler). The Avalon is one of my favorite places to stay in LA and is a source of continual inspiration (blatant rip off here). All I can make of the “refresh” is to offer my respects: 1.) To the creative genius of iconic round one. That mosaic painted wall and those Platner chairs will live on in my heart always, RIP. 2.) To the humanity of celebrity designers. Guess you are just like us, compulsively redesigning like commoners. Except we aren’t painting over the best mosaic wall ever and you kind of are… Ms. Wearstler, you’ve got my respect anyways, I’ve got no right to mourn, thanks for your work, I like to change up stuff too and the Avalon is still great.

An affordable and wacky mobile? Count me in CB2. Don’t know how I missed this until now, but I’ve now got one in my grubby little hands. Still debating where to hang it…master or family room?

If you need a time suck and like architecture: this tumblr. McMansion Hell, you are fun.

And kayak rentals. What good is being an idiot if it doesn’t play out on the internet? With that I present the James family kayak disaster of 2016: We bought a kayak on a whim, pictured above during its brief and tumultuous stay with us. Loading and unloading it on the rack of our SUV was an unanticipated pain in the kayak/divorce in the making, storing it was another hassle, we all couldn’t safely cram on it like I imagined, and then I found a dead dog on a secluded beach during our inaugural paddle. Like, what the what the hell, I will never recover. We quickly sold it and I am a dummy. The end. Kayak rentals, you are worth every penny. Respect, respect, respect. (Avila Beach Paddlesports is the place on the central coast.)


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