Bathroom Favorites

mid century 70's bathroom orange sunken terrazzoThe main bathroom project is the worst and is neither simple nor small, as intended. I’ve never hated a project so much or had less to show for hours of work. The practical factors that come into play and encroach upon aesthetics drag me down. Bathrooms and kitchens projects aren’t for dreamers – or husbands of dreamers! Let’s not talk too much about the countertop and sink sitting in our garage right now that I made my husband go buy, then I decided I hated. Or the sconces I picked out that don’t put out enough light, discovered far into the install process. Instead, let’s admire these spectacular bathrooms that hit all the normal bathroom functions but are somehow also gorgeous, creative, original, interesting, colorful, minimal, and timeless…without a subway tile in sight! (Sources listed below)AD Jonathan Adler Bathroom 2

Jill Sorensen Bathroom

Bath makeovers gallery; Mar'11; 1300 Birch St, Las Vegas

Jamie Bush Bathroom

Able and Baker Bathroom

Glam Bathroom

BHG Orange Walnut Bathroom

mid century 70's bathroom orange sunken terrazzo

1/ Jonathan Adler, Architectural Digest

2/ Jill Sorensen

3/ Sunset Magazine

4/ Jamie Bush

5/ Able + Baker

6/ Source

7/ Better Homes and Gardens

8/ Source 


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