Pinterest Hold Out No More

pinterest-homeShould I feel embarrassed or proud that I’ve never joined Pinterest until last week? Either way, I joined Pinterest last week! And it has become abundantly clear that I’m a fool for holding out for so long. Keeping things simple and minimal is a general life goal that Pinterest seemed in opposition to. Even though I highly value organization and visuals, I always saw it as a rabbit hole time suck. Until my inspiration and ideas organization – that consisted of bookmarking links and also tearing out magazine pages (I know…sooooo pro) – passed into the realm of mega time waste. So I decided to give Pinterest a shot, late to the game, as always.

I’m still trying to transfer and consolidate my virtual and physical mess, but so far things are really working out. I can’t believe how clarifying (not to mention, efficient) it is to have images laid out in one convenient place. I’m making decisions left and right, especially in spaces that have baffled me for so long. The family room, for example, that has seen rounds of fruitless rearrangements finally has some direction.

I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t get the social media aspect of it at all (socially inept all around here!), but I’m loving it for my own thought processes and organization. If you want to follow along, here I am. If you are a Pinterest veteran, tell me everything I need to know!

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