We should start with the elephant in the room: America. So many mixed emotions, all the time but especially this year, about our country, our history, and our government. Like most things in life, so much good with so much bad. So incredibly thankful that we can vote, have a peaceful transfer of power (still blows my mind) and don’t have someone lording over us. So much disgust for the disrespect toward each other and that our next president is a certified sleaze. Seems like we can do better all around, but here we are. Nobody wins. My crazy libertarian self might be one of the farthest things from a Clinton supporter, so considering the amount of shock and sadness and fear and confusion that hit me when the Donald and his gross rhetoric won, I can’t imagine the gut-punch that Hillary supporters felt. I’ve never had that doomsday feeling over an election until now. While I don’t align or fully agree with either side, it has never been hard to respect the vote or the leader of our country…until this one. It was a foreign feeling, but one I know countless Americans feel every election. All this isn’t to open a can of worms. It’s mostly to say that I’ve come down majorly since then and I think that we will be alright and that most of us aren’t terrible. And, oddly, one of the most helpful and comforting things this week was this Emily Henderson post and the 1000+ comments. If you are still feeling roughed up and haven’t read it, I’d check it out. I went there looking for design escape and instead found perspective. Thanks so much Emily for your sincerity and respectfulness. So much respect to you for putting it out there. (And I feel like this needs to be said so you don’t think I’m super insane: yes I voted for Gary Johnson and yes I saw the weird tongue interview and yes even he seems like too much of a kook to lead this country. But, like every other voter, I did my best.)

mid century red lion furniture high boy dresser burl

In total inconsequential, lighthearted, escapist and potentially-insensitive-when-coupled-with-such-seriousness but on blog topic other news: I found a new dresser last week. It wasn’t in the best of shape and is missing its original hardware, but it cleaned up nice and I’ve been on the hunt for a highboy for longer than I care to admit. The purchase initiated four dresser moves that involves all three bedrooms and the clothes relocation of all four members of our family. And somehow in the process I’ve decided to sort through all of our clothes….because if not now, when? To top it all off, my instinct was (the election really derailed me) to keep shopping – instead of doing the dishes or putting away all the clothes or normal person stuff. Because that’s what you do when you are on a winning streak, which I am. And for the first time ever my husband, in all seriousness, suggested that I was acting like a hoarder. He doesn’t know what I know about winning streaks and all, so whatever… Estate sales, I’m so into you.

mid century red lion furniture high boy dresser burl

Obsession doesn’t begin to describe my feelings about the Shelter Island home of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan. So these recent photos of it on The Coveteur might have pushed me over the edge to #1 house creeper. I should be embarrassed by the amount of times I’ve looked at these. In true stalker fashion, I love seeing corners of the house that haven’t been represented in previous publishings and rearrangements and changes in the ones that are all over the internet. And JA said this, “start with a chandelier that is bigger than you think you need, and more expensive than you think you can afford. Add a graphic rug and you won’t look back.” Words. Respect.

Speaking of Jonathan Adler and stalker me, this mirror is driving me out of my mind. I’ll never spend that on a mirror, or even a piece of furniture, but good design deserves recognition even if it’s not coming from my pocket.

I’m finally getting around to reading Waging Heavy Peace and my take away each read is that I need to be nailing redwood planks to every wall in my house. Thanks for your songs and your love of material things and for all the rambles Neil. Respect always.

If I could hoard one impractical thing, it would surely be strange old cone shaped fireplaces. Although I tried to talk my life partner into buying a second one last week, he is adamant that one is the only acceptable number per household. All I can do now is admire the fireplaces of strangers. If you, like me, have old cone shaped fireplace obsession and a need to stare at the fireplaces of strangers, go appreciate this beauty over at Yellow Brick Home.

Until next time friends! xoxo

One thought on “Respects

  1. Aaron read Waging Heavy Peace last year. What’s the tongue thing about Gary Johnson? Will have to check that out. Love you!


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