See Ya’ 2016!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for reading this year. I honestly can’t believe that anyone besides my mom reads this blog, so thank you for popping in this year! I hate New Year’s resolutions but I love lists and planning house projects so I will gladly take this opportunity to write not one, but THREE, end of the year lists:cb2 mobile brass 2016 HOUSE HIGHS


  • The main bath project that is sadly still dragging on. Roadblocks at every turn.
  • Painting the exterior sucked and I’m not even close to being finished.
  • We still don’t have baseboards.


  • Front yard! It’s a shameful weed mess right now. 2017 is our year, I feel it!
  • Finish painting the exterior. Dang. It.
  • Hang some wallpaper in our bedroom.
  • Buy or make a real bed for the main bedroom. No more living like college kids.
  • Finish the main bath.
  • Family room divider.
  • Get the family room pulled together.
  • Finish (as in, install ONE light) our guest bath.

I don’t really remember doing this, but I guess I made a 2016 list last year. Pleasantly surprised to see that we almost accomplished half the list. I my book, a smashing success! I’m aiming for a clean 50% this year. Slow and steady.

Since all good end-of-the-year lists close with a prediction, I’m gonna leave you with this nugget from my demented brain: BEANBAGS. The logical next step to all these squishy 70’s couches popping up everywhere. Will I or won’t I in 2017?! Haha! But really. Wishing everyone an amazing New Year. Seriously so incredibly shocked that anyone reads this garbage and so incredibly thankful to have gotten to know some of you fellow house nuts, even if only virtually! xoxo

P.S. In 2017 it’s now socially acceptable for adults to hang mobiles over their face. The one above is from CB2 and it’s great!

One thought on “See Ya’ 2016!

  1. Oops, I didn’t realize email responses showed up as comments! Oh well, at least the site seems to be working now. Congrats on another productive year. We’ve enjoyed following along, and look forward to seeing what you do in 2017. Happy new year! :)


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