I’m deep in a brutalist phase right now. Maybe it’s these times? I just sent a text to my husband that said “BRUTAL SUCCESS”, signifying that we are now the proud owners of a sweet vintage piece (not the one pictured – I wish). Umm, not sure why he hasn’t responded with due excitement, or at least a thanks/much respects to my ebay prowess??? It should be here soon and I can’t wait to share.

Mark Weinstein Marc Creates Warwick brutalist sculpture wallMarc Creates

In the meantime, can we talk about the fact that Marc Weinstein, a rad brutalist sculptor out of St. Louis, is still producing and selling the good stuff (yes the one pictured!!!) and I had no idea until today?! Am I the only one living under a concrete rock? Many pieces are repros from 60’s/70’s. Not exactly cheap, but worth every penny in my opinion. I love that some amazing craftspeople (Stan Bitters being another fine example!) are having a much deserved resurgence and that new generations have the opportunity to support their work. A brutal world calls for brutal art. Much respects to Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Bitters for keeping on! Brutalism is back! Or still around….

One of 3 houses in our town that I would consider trading ours in for came on the market. When we were looking, I wished upon many stars that this would pop up for sale. It didn’t, but I have been dying to see the inside ever since. It’s a good one, huh? San Luis Obispo isn’t known for incredible mid century architecture, but we’ve got a few gems sprinkled around town and this is definitely one of them. Obviously, not a lot of space for kids, but such a beauty! Pending – sadly not us! Respects to the architect of this fine place and to the future owners (who are you and will you invite me over?!)

I can’t stop watching Supersonic. Oasis fans, it is so good. An explosion of talent, both songwriting and smartassery, is captured. Noel, no words. Solid respects.

The new mushroom planters from Modernica are fine.

Swap out Home Depot for Lowe’s and the graph in this article could be charting my life. Last month my mouth spoke the words “favorite store” in reference to Home Depot and it was no lie. That place smells like possibilities and you can go in your paint clothes. Can Nordstrom’s offer that? No. Concurrently, I figured out that my lukewarm feelings toward Ikea are taking a plunge. NAILED IT, Vox. But let’s hope Rooms To Go is never in my future…

Thanks friends for stopping by. This happens to be the 100th time I’ve spewed out craziness on this blog and I appreciate you reading!!! xoxo

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