Palm Springs Again

the twist palm springsSomething unexpected and wonderful happened. Our family has been planning to go to Disneyland. Three times. If you are a Southern California resident, which we barely but officially are, you can go 3 times between Jan-May for 1.5 times the price of daily admission. So, again, Disneyland three times. I love Disneyland but offhandedly I said, you know, for the price we could go to Palm Springs for a couple days instead. Now, some days I look at my children and think, whose kids are these? But not this time. Because unanimously, even after a flow-chart of trips to Disneyland vs. trip to Palm Springs, they said quote, “I know this sounds weird, but I’d rather go to PALM SPRINGS.” Even though we were just there in November and again a few months before that. Even though there are no rides. And nothing is Star Wars themed. They are my children, indeed! Speechless and proud and thankful for a lower-key vacation. Respects my children for spending our travel funds the way they should be spent. I really didn’t see this one coming. Dang.

This sounds like this story couldn’t get any better, but it did. Our schedule and hotel availability all came together (cue David Brent finger lock and lip bite) and we are able to visit during Modernism Week. I’ve never been, always wanted to go, and am out of my mind excited.

My kids mostly want to swim the pool and bike the ‘hoods and hike the mountains (<<<all confirmed better than Disneyland) and I will mostly join them, but for sure there will some house creeping. I can’t think about this too much or I will spontaneously combust, but ya, gonna go inside the Frey House II. Have a casual look around. All above the board. Not gonna get arrested. Furthermore, and it’s taking all I’ve got to keep the salty language to myself when I tell you this, I’m touring the Edris House. Also legally. That house has been a solid #1 for house stalker #1 for nearly 20 years and I’m gonna have to tape my hands inside my pockets so I don’t get too handsy inside. (Side note: it’s on the market for $4M!) Respects Modernism Week, Albert Frey, E. Stewart Williams, and to all the homeowners who are letting strangers have a peek into their properties!

I gotta give some respect to our favorite place to stay (with kids) in the city, The Twist (pictured). I mentioned on instagram that I don’t even really like to share this info because we like it that much. The place is run like a vacation rental apartment so if you like to be attended to, it’s probably not for you. However, if you are an introverted shut-in who likes to come and go without interaction and doesn’t mind bringing your own extra toilet paper, welcome home! For our family, it’s perfect: Location + Kitchen + Yard*. The architecture is quintessential Palm Springs motel, the Design District (best shopping) and Old Las Palmas neighborhood (best houses) is out the front door, the pool is uncrowded and gorgeous, and the rooms bright, cheerful, and nicely updated with a mid-mod nod. Honestly sometimes a bit too contemporary for my taste, but that minor thing is my ONLY complaint. The cutest mini-putting green seals this deal.

*Yes, private YARDS with firepits on the lower levels! Upper units have spacious balconies. Hands down best outdoor space for kids is the lower corner unit in back! It’s impressively large and the kids can run a track from the living room, outside, and back in again through the master patio. The raised firepit area doubles as a stage. You sacrifice some views, but seriously the outdoor space ups the relaxing by lots!
This really has little to do with Palm Springs, other than our family is badly in need of a vacation, but respects to all the other parents of “spirited” children. You are amazing (and so are your kids!). All my respects to you for holding it together when “that child” is your child and you are faced with the emotional overload of love/frustration/doubt/worry. I’m with you! I’m so not a crier, but TWICE this week I’ve cried in public because parenting has been that intense. Yesterday it was after what can only be described as a ballistic incident at the dentist after my youngest got a tooth pulled. It was BAD and I’m greatly looking forward to a change of scenery and for a few days. I hope your family has opportunities to recharge and have fun together too. Palm Springs somehow has turned into our place and I’m so thankful for that.

If any of you will be at Modernism Week too, please say hello if you see me! I would love to actually meet some of you in real life. Just look for the overly cheerful lady holding a tired/hungry/grumpy vacation child…because that “spirit” doesn’t magically stay home when we travel but most of my impatience does :)

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