Brentwood Mattress

In January we bought a new mattress from Brentwood Home for our bedroom and, now that I’ve had some time to sleep on it, I’m sharing a few thoughts! Excuse our in-progress homemade bedframe. We haven’t framed out the platform in walnut yet so it’s looking a little stark and unfinished at the moment…

I had zero previous experience with foam mattresses before this bed arrived at our back door. Our old spring mattress had crapped out, sagging badly in the middle, and I was waking up with major back pain. Mattress shopping sucks so I was attracted to the online shopping aspect of foam mattresses, including the amazing return/exchange policies of most companies. But reading comments about foam mattresses when you have never touched one in real life is confusing. You hear things like, you’ll fall off the bed when you sit down to put your shoes on. The most confusing of all comments was the person who claimed their mattress (I forget where I read this nuttiness) was so soft and squishy that they couldn’t sit up in bed and watch TV in it so they “only use it for sleeping”. SO MANY QUESTIONS. When you read stuff like this without a frame of reference, you really don’t know what kind of outer space bed adventure you may be embarking on. I’m happy to report that the differences between spring and foam were far less dramatic than my imagination and no one has taken a spill off the edge!I went back and forth between the Bamboo Gel 11″ (medium-firm) and the Bamboo Gel 13″ (medium, and widely popular). I ended up purchasing the Bamboo 11″ on Amazon. I’m a firm mattress kind of girl and traditional spring mattresses labeled “firm” never seem to live up to the name so I erred on the side of caution, against side sleeper recommendations, figuring you can always make a firm mattress softer with a topper, but its impossible to make a soft one firmer. Brentwood isn’t messing around in the firmness department! I’m actually surprised this isn’t the firmest mattress they sell. While I love this mattress as is, my husband mostly jokingly refers to it as sleeping “on a stack of magazines.” He would prefer a slightly softer sleeping surface, so we’ll probably get a topper. I crowd sourced my mattress questions (thank you so much IG friends who weighed in!) and got a quite a few friends who mentioned that the secret to mattress happiness was getting a value-priced firm mattress and then topping it with a mattress topper, so everything is A-OK. (I have to say that I love how this mattress is only 11″ thick. The ridiculously thick 20 inchers these days can’t pull off long and low modern at all so thanks for the normal thickness, Brentwood!)First things first: my back doesn’t hurt anymore! At all! I’m seriously amazed. Initially, I woke up after the first two nights with back pain, and so did my husband. We were so bummed and thought we had made a big mistake. But the pain was different from my normal and quickly subsided a few nights in…an adjustment period? Since week 1 or 2 I’ve had absolutely no back pain, which was really my most important must-have in a new mattress.I have one complaint, though. Kind of a biggie. One of Brentwood’s biggest selling points is that they don’t use chemical fire retardants and, while they use foam, it is “certified non-toxic“. I’m a hippie with stuff like this and hate bringing toxic chemicals into our home so I was all over this. I know all foam is chemically and will off-gas, but I had hoped it would be minimized with the natural claims, which factored heavily in my decision to buy from Brentwood. BUT. But but but. There was insane amount of off-gassing. I’m probably more sensitive to smells than average, but even my husband agreed that this mattress reeked. For close to 4 weeks, making it miserable to sleep on initially. Mattresses are made to order, vacuum sealed, and shipped to you days later. You have to take the giant thing out of the box and packaging in order to off-gas. Ideally this would happen outside. Outside was off-limits because it rained for like a year straight in California. Our garage was off-limits because we were in the middle of gross sawdusty projects. So we had to do the dirty work in our room, windows open, in the dead of winter. While I appreciate the use of natural fire retardant, major off-gassing is probably unavoidable for all foam mattress (and remember, too, spring mattresses have long been called out as one of the most toxic things in households) and I’m feeling like the non-toxic certification business is a marketing ploy that took me for a ride. This wouldn’t stop me from buying again because I’m very happy otherwise, but I was annoyed and wished I had been better prepared for the long off-gassing period.Nevertheless, I’m an incredibly satisfied Brentwood customer, especially considering the value. There are many reputable and popular foam mattress companies out there which, I’m guessing, all sell comparable products. We were looking to spend around $1000, which for a king is in the low-mid range, but happily we spent even less with Brentwood! It looks like the Bamboo line is now exclusively sold on Amazon, but I recommend viewing the mattress stats on Brentwood where it’s much easier to compare firmnesses. I think my mattress radar is probably way skewed because I’ve been sleeping on crap mattresses for so long, and I can’t compare to other foam mattresses (I’m so curious what a top of the line foam mattress is like?!), but I know what a really nice spring hotel mattress feels like. And this is only a step down from that, in my opinion. Vacations these days (NOT spent at fancy hotels, FYI) leave me excited to return home to our incredibly comfy bed. I can’t believe how cheap it was. Or how easy it was to shop for. Or how fast it showed up in a box on my doorstep 3 days later. Or how I carried a king sized bed into my house by myself. I love this thing so much.

On the subject of beds…king beds, where have you been all my life???!!! I always thought kings were an over the top luxury that was unnecessary for simple us. Looking back, insanity! The weirdly large size of our house’s master bedroom was the catalyst for popping for the monster bed. Design wise, it was a good move. But I didn’t anticipate just how much it would improve my sleeping. Having space to sprawl is amazing! My only regret is not getting one sooner.With this memory foam mattress success, we’ve also had a failure too. Soon after getting our mattress I started to feel guilty that our aging dog was still sleeping on the smelly, lumpy dog bed he’s had for years. Forty bucks later, a new memory foam dog bed appeared in it’s place. But he won’t touch it. It’s as if the dog who has never met a mat/rug/blanket/cushion he didn’t love is suddenly afraid that he may fall to the depths of the earth if all of his body weight shifts onto this scary space mattress. We prematurely threw out his old bed, which he slept on every night and for much of the day, so now old man Jackson spends much of his life on the cold hard floor. Isn’t that a strange and sad story?

Thanks for stopping in friends!!!

(P.S. What do you think of those new copper nightstands I’m contemplating as stand-ins while I wait out my dream ones? They were only $20 at target, so that’s an obvious yes, ya?)

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