Nighttime Life

Hey everybody! After sharing my son’s room recently, I thought I’d give a quick peek into what our nighttimes look like around here. They center around my daughter’s room, where my son has landed on a mattress on her floor. It’s a little dumpy and unofficial, I know, but I’m just so thankful they are happily sleeping in the same room again and I will take what I can get because siblings sharing rooms is one of the sweetest things ever…though I wish we could have all been saved the hassle of dismantling and creating rooms and stuck with what we had before, kids, but I know parenting is never an easy or straightforward path!

It makes my heart happy to see my kids bond and to take comfort in each other’s presence. And though it’s sometimes aggravating being on the parent side of this, I even love hearing their whispered conversations after lights out. Some of my favorite memories revolve around goofing off with my sister when we were supposed to be sleeping. The good of our current situation: bonding, making memories, sleeping better than when alone. The bad of our situation: we’ve created a bit of gray area in room ownership that occasionally leads to disagreements. Shared at night but separate during the day, as my son’s actual stuff besides the bed he sleeps in are in his room, can make for some confusing boundaries of what’s mine, yours and ours.
Since the last time I shared this room, the bed has been rotated to allow for more usable floor space (though floor mattress wasn’t what I had in mind), a black Acapulco chair moved in, and these black dot sheets are blowing my mind…and my dog obsessed daughter’s, who is certain they are Dalmatian spots. Oh, and then there’s that giant mattress on the floor that has been in the get-rid-of-pile and then days later brought back in more times than I ever wish to admit. But otherwise, same….For right now, this is working for us. Mattress on the floor is not my styled out ideal, but they sleep and the house isn’t a total mess so we’re doing alright! If I could only figure out how to stretch wake up time to 1 hour later, we’d be in great shape…

We are in the middle of some big summer projects around our home and have a list of small ones too. I know we won’t get to everything, we never do. But the attempt includes landscaping our entire giant front yard with our own four weak hands, hanging some wallpaper here and there, and then (FINGERS TIGHTLY CROSSED) we are hoping to get to a full master bath remodel after some summer travels. Oh ya, and baseboards are long overdue but somehow always get pushed to the bottom and probably will again. It’s a packed calendar full of projects but it’s good. Right before my eyes, I’m turning into a summer person, loving the long, responsibility-free (well from schooling, at least) days to crank out my favorite things in the world: house projects!!! SO MUCH FUN. What’s on deck for all of your houses summer????

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