What I Bought Last Weekend

Let me tell you what this wannabe minimalist who hates Christmas consumerism bought during the sales of last weekend!I hate celebrating the birth of Christ by buying random stuff we don’t need, especially when humans all over the glove are in actual need of the basics. It seems so antithetical to me; literally the exact opposite of how we should celebrate. However, I’m all about being as responsible as we can with our money and shopping sales for the things we need/would buy anyway so that we can be more generous (currently our family’s favorite charities are Give Directly and Preemptive Love). So sometimes I hold off for a really long time on the extras I have my eye on. Both to make sure I really want them and to wait for lower prices. And this weekend lots of stuff I’ve been eying for months was discounted enough for me to purchase. So what did this intentional, over-thinking freak buy? This stuff:

Stevie mirror, CB2 (pictured above) – so this is out of stock and has been for a while. It was one of those things that I was like SHOULD I/SHOULDN’T I for too long and then it was gone and then clarity struck I knew I SHOULD HAVE BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. But I was window shopping/scrolling over at CB2 and noticed that it was still in my cart (???) and on sale, even though it’s been off the website for months, so I purchased and supposedly its showing up this week. Second chance score!

Vixen everything – this is hands down my favorite clothing line. I normally don’t spend this much on clothes, but the quality, fit, style is always so spot on (for me – I know this is a niche market!) that it makes sense to buy a few staples that I will love and wear for years, then less money on lots of throw away items that I will only kind of like and get rid of during my next closet clean out. Still, I always wait for sales. FYI, I went with this and this and this and this!

NuLoom Faux Sheepskin Rug – admittedly, this was an impulse purchase but I’ve been on the lookout for a cheapish fluffy rug for my daughter’s room and this just might be what I’ve been waiting for. The Black Friday price was too good to be true so we’ll see how it looks in person.

Drawers for legos – I know these are nothing to look at but I hope they dramatically improve our household. We have a major Lego problem. LEGOS EVERYWHERE. I love them as a toy but we need some storage solutions. I’ve tried so many organizational options that haven’t worked for the way my kids play. They prefer to work on individual trays (utilizing every serving tray and plastic plate in the house at the moment!) for their many concurrent and longterm projects. But trays can’t easily stack or store. They can only sprawl and I’m going crazy. I hope this shelf of drawers that are essentially trays can clean up our floors! UPDATE: I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER! UGLY PLASTIC DRAWERS WHERE U BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

Checkered Sweatshirt – I’ve talked about whittling down my wardrobe before and being more intentional about what I bring into my closet. This sweatshirt might not seem like a basic, but if ever I had a custom sweatshirt made just for me by all-knowing sweatshirt fairies, this would be it. Takes me back to my formative years when I had SKA on the brains 24/7. I just knew it would be my favorite thing to wear and I was right. You wouldn’t think your husband would hate something that is so you but whatever…

WHAT I DIDN’T BUY BUT I WANTED TO – couldn’t find a way to justify the purchase, but I really wanted to. Maybe one day I’ll sell all the crap I don’t want on ebay to pay for one of these beauties, but this weekend wasn’t the weekend. I saw one of her large scale wall hangings last year at Trina Turk and it haunts me. Ceramic soul mate. If I ever see a windfall, you better believe my one splurge will be this. I could cry I love it so much.

We have most of our Christmas decorations up and I can’t wait to share next time!!! xoxo Your Freaky Weirdo

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