Modern Wall Mount Mailboxes

With the new front door, I’m finding myself ready to swap out our DIY bamboo/spray paint mailbox situation for something more durable and permanent. The gold paint is starting to show finger prints and is ready for replacement or facelift. And with the major pieces are in place, I feel like maybe gold isn’t what I want here. I’m leaning towards sleek and white, and of course, something with a mid century feel. Look at all these adorable options and give me your opinions please!

Modern Mailbox (also at Rejuvenation) – My front runner. I love everything about this design! I’m thinking white on white for my porch, but there’s so many fun color combos:

Neutrabox – LOVE these ones too!!!! Unfortunately, not ideal colors for our house (only red and black with silver), but WOW to the sliders:CB2 Snail Mailbox – I could strongly see myself with this mailbox. But is it too dark and heavy for my porch? There is that hint of brass though and the price is right:

Moda Industria – I love the color options and the customization options, but I think I need a more low and lean look:

Modbox – Clean, simple and so many fun colors (also pictured at top in orange! Should I just say yes to that one?):

Broadmoor Stainless Mailbox – So out of my price range, but so pretty.


Salsbury Industies – And then there’s this extremely plain one for $50 at Home Depot. Maybe that’s all I need? 
But I can’t shake this combo….
What do you think? One option is to just repaint mine and call it a day. Honestly, I feel ridiculous spending a lot of money on a mailbox, though maybe I shouldn’t since so often it’s the details that really up that curb appeal? Weigh in: is it worth it? And what color/style would you choose?! Do you own one of these and, if so, how has it held up? Thanks!!! xoxo Jenny


16 thoughts on “Modern Wall Mount Mailboxes

    1. I hear you! I’m not the type to spend that much on a mailbox either, that’s why I don’t own it yet haha! But I am trying to approach purchases from a more minimalist perspective lately…buying only what I love (and maybe spending more than I normally would) and leaving behind the rest. Just hard to find that balance. Thanks for your input!


  1. I have a white/yellow modbox and I really like it, however the letter box portion doesn’t quite fit under the outer box and so rain gets in through a small gap. Since you’re area is covered that probably wouldn’t be an issue. We mostly get our mail at a superbox down the street so the modbox is really only for curb appeal and the occasional junk mail so the slight gap isn’t a huge issue for me.


    1. Thank you so much for that info! We don’t get a ton of rain on ours but it does happen on occasion with wind/rain, so that is good to know. White/yellow sounds so cute!


      1. I was reading a recent Amazon review of the Modbox and I think they now include weather striping which wasn’t on the initial Kickstarter version where I got mine from. I should really contact them and see if I could get a piece


  2. I agree with the choice you want! It’s a nice understated design that will complement your door. I think the scale works with where you want to place it.


  3. VsonsDesign on Etsy may be another contender! They seem similar to what you have here and are reasonably priced. Love your blog by the way, long time lurker first time caller!


      1. And WHAT??!!!??!! For reals?! You are the gift that keeps on giving today! I’m so excited, totally gonna go for it. I’M SHOUTING: THANK YOU!!!!


    1. THANK YOU! I tried fishing through Etsy, but it was overwhelming. Going to check that seller out right now…

      And haha to the first time caller! :)


  4. By reading the comments, looks like you made a decision. It’s always nice to walk up to your front door and see things that make you happy whether it be a potted plant or a new mailbox. Congrats on your decision. It looks like it will be roomier!


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