I’m trying to put together a monster front yard post and realizing that I never shared our new mailbox. Shame. It’s adorable and deserves a dedicated shout out, so here we go! You may remember this mailbox post full of beautiful modern boxes and me wondering whether the cost of a new mailbox was worth the splurge for our new front door. The answer is yes. YES IT IS. I bought my dream mailbox from Modern Mailbox then spent weeks agonizing over placement because that is what weirdo people do. Hi.A divorce was pending if I made my husband hold it up just one more time, so I went with hanging it on the board and batten to unclutter the doorbell side of the door but mostly because it’s easier to patch wood when I inevitably decide it needs to hang a smidge higher/to the right/etc. Obviously, I want the mailbox centered under the light, but think it might be weird floating on one batten, even with some custom trim. Which, by the way, isn’t something one should pursue when trying to shake the nickname ‘Custom Jenny’. As far as the mailbox goes, it’s perfect! The finish is gorgeous, it’s super heavy and sturdy, and it looks soooo good. You want to hug it, right??? xoxo Custom Jenny


4 thoughts on “Mailbox

  1. The mailbox looks perfect on that side! hahaha well given that I just painted my house white I couldn’t call you boring for thinking of doing the same thing ;) I was getting a bit tired of seeing all the black/dark painted houses that have been around for the last 5-8 years so white is refreshing

    White is really fresh looking and all your new landscaping would really stand out against it (plus think how great your door will look!). The only thing I would consider though is maybe using a dark contrast colour for some of the details/trim. You could go dark on all the little “beams” in your eaves and the gutters along the roof line (maybe also your railings and fence?). OR you could do the whole underside of your eaves a dark colour and that could be a really cool contrast with the white/blend in with your roof. OR paint them all white with just the gutters painted dark like how @anaberdesign on Instagram has done her house.

    I think if it was all white some of the nice details you have on your house would just disappear if they weren’t highlighted (unless you don’t want to highlight them of course!). Your new wood screen(s) will add a lot of warmth to a white exterior.

    Do I suspect an Atomic Ranch feature coming up? ;)


    1. Thanks Brooke so much for the ideas and encouragement to go white!!! I was thinking about dark trim and accents too, and I’ve gone back and forth on siding contrasting the stucco. Exterior paint is a recipe for decision overload. All the details oh my goodness. I will check out that IG account and am making notes of all your great suggestions. Thanks again so much :)


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