Poolside Gossip

Every summer I spend way too much time scheming ways to get a backyard pool. Like a real one. I’m not one to splurge on big ticket items and prefer travel to most “stuff”, but one day I see myself blowing all our money on a professional huge personal body of water. (And, no, I haven’t found a DIY option that I feel comfortable with. I’ll keep you posted if that changes because you know I will keep looking but I can’t get this out of my brain.)

This year, I tried to take it down a notch and spent my research time on more attainable things: first, above ground pools, and then, hot tubs. Neither have panned out yet, because I am too cautious and indecisive to pull the trigger on ugly things, though I think we would get a lot of use out of both.

I was looking at smaller above ground pools, actually as an easier and cheaper option to a stock tank (but this recent stock tank pool DIY has me rethinking everything!!!!). Something in the $100 and 10 foot range. I narrowed it down to this poolthis pool or this pool. I think we would use it often but do I really want to stare at those semi-permanently? Still thinking on that one…

Then the hot tub bug hit. I’ve never been into the general yuck/cheesy vibe of above ground hot tubs. But we’ve been going to these hot tubs lately like the hippies we actually are AND LOVING HOT TUB LIFE. Considering a small spa could provide backyard hot tubbing and could just as well serve as a play area for our kids, I was into the idea. I learned that there’s a whole range of spas appropriately called plug and play, where you plug into a standard outlet and get to it. Granted, many are hideous and I’ve learned that the smaller, $2000ish jacuzzis that aren’t totally gross looking sell out by early summer. This one and this one are contenders and no longer available. I’m intrigued by this plastic molded hot tub but can’t decide if I love the design or hate it. I’m totally into the contentious design of this wood-fired and portable model (don’t miss the reviews/questions of the folks who are not). For now, we’ve decided to defer the decision until next Spring.

So for now, we’ve got this situation going on…Our classy family is actually spending our summer in this huge and hideous blow up pool. And it’s great. Like seriously best money spent in a long while. (I also liked this lots-of-chairs one and this colorful one.) We lived in its blue waters during that heat wave a few weeks ago. It’s convenient in that it doesn’t have to be seen all the time, but a hassle in that we have to drain it at the end of each day of use. No worries cuz my husband has turned off our sprinklers and developed an elaborate hose drainage system to transfer the pool water all over the lawn. It’s intense. You also have to be careful or it will burn a lovely circle into your grass, but otherwise, a great cheap solution to our backyard water woes. For this year at least…

Tell me how to get a real pool for cheap please?????? Make my dreams come true. Hope you are staying cool this summer friends! xoxo

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