Goodbye 2018

What a ride it’s been. You feel the same? I’ve read so many people’s year end posts and the phrase “highest highs and lowest lows” is being passed around a lot. For me, scratch the highest highs, make it a persistent low and it’s spot on, haha. Last year was plain hard. I felt like I had to shoulder adult responsibilities and decisions way more than I wanted to in our “personal” life. Kids, school, pets, mental and physical health, even politics all sucked up a lot of head space and resources. Everything was work. Everything was hard. Coupled with the unmet expectation that this year would be better than the last (Long December much?), I mostly hated 2018. I’m honestly so glad it’s behind me.

I don’t know how we got any house projects done at all with the metaphorical dumpster fires we were regularly putting out. But indeed we did! 2018 saw us crushing this house left and right. It was a big year for our humble little rancher and our humble little DIY projects. We wrapped up a lot of loose ends inside and tackled some massive projects outside. If last year was the year the house stopped feeling like a construction zone, this was the year it started to coalesce in the way I had always envisioned it. Things came together:

1. My favorite project of the year was getting a new front door and painting it orange. More complicated than it sounds and more rewarding than I imagined.2. We painted our house white. Or, more accurately and even better, paid someone else to paint it, ensuring it finally got crossed off the list!3. Black grasscloth wallpaper in our main bedroom is only bested by that orange front door. Pinch me I’m in love with a wall.4. At five years in, things were “done” enough to share a whole house tour. Very encouraging!5. We finally put hardwood floors in our daughter’s and son’s room (the wrong wood, but it worked out!).6. So embarrassing that it took this long, but baseboards were finally finished in the den and pulled it together. 7. And a new dishwasher forced some finishing trim work in the kitchen!8. I shared our front yard landscaping and am happy to report most everything is thriving!9. We finished our plywood counter, and more, in the laundry room.10. Our house was in Vintage Holiday Magazine! A fun way to end the year for sure!Looking back over my 2018 HOUSE GOALS, we hit 6/8 = great success! As I look to set 2019 goals, we start this year in a bit of unexpected limbo about our future in this house. We are working through some big decisions and have shifted our focus, at least for the time being, to wrapping up the projects that we’d need to in the unlikely event we decide to put our house on the market. An eyeroll of a story for another day. The most urgent projects include:

If I’ve learned any “house” (or broad creative) lessons this year it’s this: 1. Stick with it. Show up. Keep chipping away towards yours goals a little at a time and one day you’ll get where you are going. And 2. Embrace minimalism. In where you spend your time. In how to fill your life. Practically speaking, I worked hard this year to sell extra furniture/accessories and am proud to say that I am way edited and feeling light! Hope you are too haha!

Thank you so much for reading my posts this year, commenting, hanging on Instagram, and just generally being a supportive, encouraging, kind community. Wishing you and your home the very best in this new year! xoxo Jenny

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2018

  1. You’ve done so much work here. It’s fabulous. If you have to go, the next owners will be so blessed. I agree about 2018. We’ve been renovating since 2008 when we bought our transitional home on the east coast. Almost finished and then we’re ready for retirement and downsizing. Bittersweet. I love your blog!


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