Welcome to summer break!!!!!! In addition to all things front and back yard, we are working on a wood wall installation in our family room this month. Still working out the kinks and trying out stains, but think we are on the right track. More soon!

And I have exciting personal news to share: I am (hopefully) done homeschooling. Forever. As much as I have loved the extra (so extra) time with my kiddos, I am ready to close this chapter. With that, as I work through an early onset mid life crisis haha, I’m going back to work next year! Teaching art! Very part time but still! I haven’t had an actual employer since my oldest was born nearly 12 years ago (!!!) and I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I’m really excited about all these changes, making the end of this grueling school year especially sweet. Now for some randoms:

Chairs. Our front yard Acapulco chairs crapped out. They were cheapos that turned brittle and cracked in the sun – although their entire purpose is to sit in the sun. Pretty pissed. In my extensive search for durable, all weather, zero maintenance, comfortable, decent looking replacements, I ordered these chairs from Target a few days ago. Not 100% sure on their look, so we’ll see when they get here, but I think they check all other boxes… (Any interest in a big ol’ durable outdoor chair roundup? I’m way over-invested.)

House tour. I came here for that amazing wood wall, but the whole house is full of fun.

Another house tour. I also found this house while researching wood walls, and the rest of the place is quite beautiful.

Another house tour. This house‘s interior board and batten kept coming up when I was looking for inspiration for that den wall but had no idea it was Mike D’s house. Another vibrant, creative home. And THE FRONT DOOR.

Father’s Day. We aren’t big gift givers around here but if you caught my IG stories earlier in the week, you know why these were warranted for my husband. But is this even an upgrade to a bandana???

Stains. Do you have a favorite? I’ll do a big post on this process soon, but first I need to make some decisions ugh!


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