Orange Couch!

In the slowest march ever to make our space function at max potential, we bought an orange couch for the family room! It was hard for me to say goodbye since it had been with us since the beginning, but we parted with out beloved vintage sectional in an effort to be more practical at this stage of life (kids! their friends! family movie nights! comfort!), as well as fill this oversized room with the big ol’ chunky couch it deserves. It’s not often that I think new is a better choice than vintage, but this is one of those considered times for us.

We upgraded to this dreamboat from Joybird (it’s the Hopson reversible sectional in Vibe Sunkist) and I’m not sure if I’m ever going back to a non-orange couch again. I am obsessed! The over-researcher in me looked at 100’s of options from so many different companies and I landed on this one because it offered the large scaled of a modern sectional packaged in a throwback, 60’s style. As a chronic furniture rearranger, the ability to reverse the chaise, especially with such an inconspicuous design, is a feature that I hope will extend the years we put this thing to use. Dang that orange!!!! I was more than pleasantly surprised at Joybird’s fabric options. I went into this thinking we’d end up with a neutral color, but I couldn’t bring myself to go safe when there were so many vibrant, wild colors to choose from. This orange fabric is perfect…100% looks vintage. If you are wondering if there is such thing as too much orange in one house (I know I was): the answer is no way. Or if there is, we haven’t reached saturation yet.

So many of you have asked about comfort, which is so subjective, but for us this is such an upgrade in comfort from our vintage couch. No more awkward springy-ness and we have so much space to stretch out. However, this sectional is capital F Firm, which I don’t mind – but some do. This is a structured, tailored piece of furniture, not a floppy, sink-into-it pile of pillows. My only complaint, unavoidable with new products made with foam and admittedly coming from a person who overreacts to chemical smells, is the off-gassing that persisted for a few weeks. Ideally, we would have purchased during warmer weather so we could properly air out the room, but my nose survived :)

One last thought from a person with an aversion to throw pillow but likes to be comfortable: get the matching round pillows! These are large and comfy but don’t clutter up or detract from the sectional’s sleek design.

Next up for the family room is this corner (on the hunt for a comfortable, large, and sculptural chair!) and that room divider between the dining room we’ve been dreaming about since we moved in! Slow and steady…


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5 thoughts on “Orange Couch!

  1. Hi Jenny, Love looking at your blog. Wondering how you still like the sofa, I am looking for something really firm. Thanks, Laura


      1. One more question, I have read all of the reviews on the sofa, everyone seems to love it, but a few people mention the pillows sliding off and having to arrange them alot, have you had issues with the pillows moving around? Thanks.


      2. No, we haven’t had that problem at all! Even with 2 squirmy kids. Maybe it has something to do with the fabric we chose…ours is textured but maybe cushions with less grip could slide around?


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