Living with Mid-Century Bathroom Fixtures

Since bathrooms have been on my mind lately, I thought I’d post some of my favorite ways to live with those colorful mid century bathroom fixtures for those of you fortunate enough to have them – even if you don’t feel fortunate. Vintage fixtures in loud colors can be tricky to work with. You instantly have huge limitations on what you … More Living with Mid-Century Bathroom Fixtures

Blue Bathroom Progress

Alright, this bathroom is a lot, I know. A lot of blue. A lot of old “retro” fixtures and flooring. A lot of square footage. A lot of stripes. All of this wildness is more than I would usually cram into one room. Since this is a bathroom, though, I’m taking some bathroom artistic license. Big Blue … More Blue Bathroom Progress

Painted Striped Ceiling

Another wild paint job? Why not. This blue bathroom originally had a plain old white ceiling (actually, it originally had plaid wallpaper but that’s a story for another day). A white ceiling, white cabinets, pale blue walls, white and blue tiles, blue bathroom fixtures, chrome finishes, and and a light blue and gold floor. I thought that was … More Painted Striped Ceiling