My Son’s Room: Wood Floors!

Way back in December, even before we tackled our daughter’s floors, we removed the grungy carpet from our son’s bedroom and gave it a dramatic facelift with new hardwood floors. Wood floors make all the difference! You can see this room in all its former carpeted glory and read all about it here.

Taking a cue from the new clean floors, I purged a ton of stuff and tried to keep the color palette cheerful but quiet and minimal. The walls are a very pale yellow-green, Behr Rainforest Dew, that I LOVE in real life but can photograph a little gross khaki. I rearranged the furniture again, trying to get a better flow, but am still unsure if all the layering is too much in the bed corner and all the blank space is too little in the chair corner. If nothing else, it’s cozy! I’m on the hunt for a different bed (this one is part of a set that we no longer need and I gotta clear space in the garage) and have halted further tweaking until then. For now, contentment and SO GLAD THE GROSS CARPET IS GONE!! Sources at the end…behr rainforest dew



walls – Behr Rainforest Dew | bamboo blinds – Amazon | curtains – DIY

bed and dresser – vintage | toyshelf – husband DIY | wall hooks – Amazon

chair – France & Son sold out (this is same?) | rug – Amazon

clock – similar | sconce – Jonathan Adler/Robert Abbey Havana | lamp – vintage

floors – Bellawood | fan – Discontinued Harbor Breeze Avian (other ideas here)


FYI, right now it looks nothing like this. The rug is shoved under the bed (eye roll) and legos cover every surface! I’m thankful for the proof that it was clean at least once. Thanks for reading everybody!!! xoxo Jenny


Coral Pink Bedroom Upgrades

Recently, we made some improvements to really finish up our daughter’s room. To get an idea of the before, see herehere and even here when it was originally our kids’ shared room. The room had a lot going for it already: generous size, lots of windows, best light, not to mention the biggest closet. The pink wasn’t my idea, rather a requirement for my daughter, but I fell in love with that wall as soon as it was up. However, the carpet was bringing the dingy. Our newly installed hardwood floors have given the space a major face lift! Also helping is a recent swap of all the furniture – with basically the same furniture, only better. The gist remains the same, but man this version is so much better!I found my dream Heywood Wakefield bedroom set a few months ago, the Kohinoor line, and pounced on it. It’s not in the best condition, but condition is comparable to the old Heywood Wakefield set that was in here while the lines are an over the top upgrade. One of the pieces ended up in our dressing room, and the rest of the set – the bed, dresser and vanity – moved in here. How great is that headboard swoop?! I’m sure we’ll get around to refinishing this all one day. More urgently, the vanity needs replacement glass for the table top/shelves…anyone have one and could share the measurements?pink black interior bedroom girl room mid century modern tulip side table heywood wakefield kohinoor bed rugs USA keno moroccan shag rug nuloomIn other furniture improvements, I just bought that cute little vintage tulip knock off at an estate sale last week, not thinking I had a place for it. But it is so perfect in here as a replacement to the placeholder gold target table we’d been using!More info about the ceiling fan here.The rug is from Rugs USA (Amazon sells it too and they flip flop on lowest price). It’s alright. What I really wanted was a chunky Moroccan shag but that means wool and I really try to avoid wool because: ANIMALS! Why isn’t there a good cruelty free option? This’ll do, though I am second guessing my decision and wondering if bold would be better…like this or this or even this crazy thing that I literally just stumbled upon! This room has a full wall of closets. I’ve waffled for years about adding some detail to their fronts, like large diamonds, but I’m not unhappy enough with them yet to move forward. Inside, this adorable little original closet built in sits. We’re hoping to add some shelves above it for books and stuff.



coral pink wall – Behr Sunset Strip | white paint – Behr Ultra Pure White

bed, dresser, vanity – vintage Heywood Wakefield | night stand – vintage

rug – Rugs USA (also here) | lamps – vintage | clock – similar | mobile – DIY

sheets – Target (out of stock) | pink pillow – CB2 (out of stock)

ceiling fan – more info here | blinds – Amazon


It feels SO good to check this room off on our shrinking, but still too long house to-do list. It’s a space I’m super proud of and happy being in. On that note, any ideas what should I tell my daughter who recently started asking me to paint her room blue??? For reals. Haha! But also: why?!

Thanks for reading friends! xoxo Jenny

Maple Hardwood Floors

We decided to give our aggravating hardwood floor install another go and we’re SO glad we did!!! We upgraded up our flooring product (unintentionally – an ordering mistake on our part whoops) and the (unintentional) payout was HUGE. Last time around we used Bellawood’s solid 3/4 x 3 1/4″ Natural Maple, so beautiful but a nightmare to install, and this time bought the Select Maple. It was worlds better in quality – straighter, less milling imperfections, easy to install, and almost no trash boards. A wood flooring success for once in our lives! Over Christmas break we easily tackled our son’s small room over a couple of days (I’ve yet to share pictures because: Lego explosion), and last weekend we knocked out our daughter’s room in 3 long but satisfying days, including baseboards and paint…a record for us slow poke DIYers. Photos to come, it’s beautiful! Install was a dream compared to the previous wood, though still backbreaking. How do people do this professionally??? Previously we were throwing out nearly half the boards, this time our junk board pile was tiny. A few boards still needed to be bent into place, but it was doable. My husband rigged up this system to wedge unruly crooked boards in line:There’s some noticeable differences between the natural maple and the select. I LOVE the almost zebrawood-like look and variation in tone of the natural maple, but I’d take a more uniform, mild look any day to avoid our previous installation woes. The sheen is slightly different too, more matte and slightly textured compared to the smooth glossy shine of the natural, but not noticeable unless you are rubbing on the floor…which hopefully nobody will be doing? As expected, the new wood currently contrasts starkly with the aged, yellowed older stuff, emphasized by the extra pale (but oh so straight) board we decided to start with in my daughter’s room. It looks intense right now, but I’ve watched similar transitions mellow out over a few months in other parts of the house. I’m not worried, though it’s always so interesting to see side by side and something to take note of when you are thinking of purchasing prefinished wood flooring: the finish will darken and yellow in time!I’m so thankful for a flooring win finally. We needed the morale boost! And I can’t wait to share the rest of this room next time (here)! It’s amazing what a difference wood floors can make!!!

xoxo Jenny