Investing in Art

I’m one of those nuts who is moved by clay. I love “art” (meaning very debatable, but I’m referring to visual art here) in general, and ceramics in particular. And I’m trying overall in my home to have less but have better; to surround myself with objects and art that I love and inspire me, … More Investing in Art

Five Year House Tour

In honor of our sweet little 60’s ranch and five tumultuous years together, I’m sharing a whole house tour! I’ve never shared the whole place at once, mostly because we’ve been in constant project mode since moving in. But this summer, just shy of 5 years of owning it, our entire home was shot for … More Five Year House Tour

Dining Room Bookshelves

How do we feel about bookshelves in dining rooms? Kinda weird, right? It’s not my preference, but with our current room/furniture arrangement, having our long and low bookshelf along our dining room wall is what works right now. I loved its previous home in the den, hated its short-lived residency in our family room (I guess … More Dining Room Bookshelves

Konmari for DIYers?

Have you ever wanted to Konmari but you are living under “special circumstances”? I think that continually describes me so I’ve put off doing a full clean out and wondered why Marie Kondo didn’t address “special circumstances” in her nutty/popular/helpful book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up…and then I figured out it’s because most of her … More Konmari for DIYers?