What I Bought Last Weekend

Let me tell you what this wannabe minimalist who hates Christmas consumerism bought during the sales of last weekend!I hate celebrating the birth of Christ by buying random stuff we don’t need, especially when humans all over the glove are in actual need of the basics. It seems so antithetical to me; literally the exact opposite of how we should celebrate. However, I’m all about being as responsible as we can with our money and shopping sales for the things we need/would buy anyway so that we can be more generous (currently our family’s favorite charities are Give Directly and Preemptive Love). So sometimes I hold off for a really long time on the extras I have my eye on. Both to make sure I really want them and to wait for lower prices. And this weekend lots of stuff I’ve been eying for months was discounted enough for me to purchase. So what did this intentional, over-thinking freak buy? This stuff:

1. Checkered Sweatshirt – I’ve talked about whittling down my wardrobe before and being more intentional about what I bring into my closet. This sweatshirt might not seem like a basic, but if ever I had a custom sweatshirt made just for me by all-knowing sweatshirt fairies, this would be it. Takes me back to my formative years when I had SKA on the brains 24/7. I just knew it would be my favorite thing to wear and I was right. I haven’t taken it off in days, literally wearing it right now. You wouldn’t think your husband would hate something that is so you but whatever…

2. Stevie mirror, CB2 (pictured above) – so this is out of stock and has been for a while. It was one of those things that I was like SHOULD I/SHOULDN’T I for too long and then it was gone and then clarity struck I knew I SHOULD HAVE BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. But I was window shopping/scrolling over at CB2 and noticed that it was still in my cart (???) and on sale, even though it’s been off the website for months, so I purchased and supposedly its showing up this week. Second chance score!

3. Vixen everything – this is hands down my favorite clothing line right now. I normally don’t spend this much on clothes, but the quality, fit, style is always so spot on (for me – I know this is a niche market!) that it makes sense to buy a few staples that I will love and wear for years, then less money on lots of throw away items that I will only kind of like and get rid of during my next closet clean out. Still, I can barely stomach spending so much so I always wait for this huge sale. FYI I added this and this and this and this but it oversold :(

4. NuLoom Faux Sheepskin Rug – admittedly, this was an impulse purchase but I’ve been on the lookout for a cheapish fluffy rug for my daughter’s room and this just might be what I’ve been waiting for. The Black Friday price was too good to be true so we’ll see how it looks in person.

5. Drawers for legos – I know these are nothing to look at but I hope they dramatically improve our household. We have a major Lego problem. LEGOS EVERYWHERE. I love them as a toy but we need some storage solutions. I’ve tried so many organizational options that haven’t worked for the way my kids play. They prefer to work on individual trays (utilizing every serving tray and plastic plate in the house at the moment!) for their many concurrent and longterm projects. But trays can’t easily stack or store. They can only sprawl and I’m going crazy. I hope this shelf of drawers that are essentially trays can clean up our floors! UPDATE: I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER! UGLY PLASTIC DRAWERS WHERE U BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

6. Leopard Sweater – One more wardrobe addition, that was actually from last last weekend, was this sweater. This makes it seem like I buy a lot of clothes but I haven’t in ages. I’d rather dress my house than myself. Again, this is sure to be a worn til it’s trashed basic for me, so well worth it. Leopard and checkers = neutrals

WHAT I DIDN’T BUY BUT I WANTED TO – couldn’t find a way to justify the purchase, but I really wanted to. Maybe one day I’ll sell all the crap I don’t want on ebay to pay for one of these beauties, but this weekend wasn’t the weekend. I saw one of her large scale wall hangings last year at Trina Turk and it haunts me. Ceramic soul mate. If I ever see a windfall, you better believe my one splurge will be this. I could cry I love it so much.

We have most of our Christmas decorations up and I can’t wait to share next time!!! xoxo Your Freaky Weirdo


Favorite Prime Day Finds

I was just perusing the Prime Day offerings at Amazon today and saw a few cute things that I wanted to quickly share! There are like a million things on sale so it’s overwhelming and I often stay away because sometime sales are not worth the digging. But this year there is an option to search within the sale so I came across a few modern house related things that I might buy and a few things I already have and love. (Note, Prime Day is only for Prime members – sign up here – and some of these items are discounted only once you add it to your cart at checkout.)

This coat rack is in my cart right now. Debating. I purchased one last year, this exact brand, and love it for hanging towels in the kid’s bathroom. I know, such an Eames Hang It All ripoff, but such a functional piece for 20% off an already cheap price (=$25 out the door today!). We have the white/”walnut” one but the wood balls are far from walnut. More like orange. Works for us, but pay attention to that. Now…is two (or three!) too many for one house? The entry, our bathroom, and the kid’s bedrooms could use the upgrade… (Update: totally bought another one)

I can’t speak to the quality of this, but if you are in bench market, a 5′ walnut George Nelson style slat bench for $100 seems like a steal. You know I’m working on only having what we need and use, and I don’t have a (indoor…) space for this, but I’d be all over it if I did! 

If cheap mid-century knockoffs are your thing, and sometimes they are mine, you might want to check out all of Modway’s Prime Day offerings on Amazon. I’ve purchased from them before and been happy with their items for what they are. I was hoping these orange chairs (one of which I purchased for our den) would be on sale to stock the dining room, but looks like only these arm chairs are 20% off in limited colors (and in pairs here). FYI, the orange color is great in person.



Our mattress is on sale in queen size for seriously cheap. Here are my thoughts on it. Basically, I am obsessed with our mattress and love it more each night. It has only gotten better and it’s one of the best, most impactful purchases we’ve made. Vacationing only confirms that appreciation!

And random, but if you are looking for a kitchen faucet, we’ve had the older version of this Grohe Concetto faucet in our kitchen for 3 years and LOVE it. I can’t say enough about it. The Starlight Chrome finish is insanely easy to clean, even with insanely hard water that makes every other metal in our house a mess. We paid more than twice this amount and even at that price, I would buy again in a heartbeat. One of the best upgrades that we’ve made to our house, mostly because I touch it every day, and one of the easiest too! 



I had planned to share some Arizona goodness today before this derailing, so maybe I’ll be back later with that too! Any deals I’m missing that I must see? Please share :)

See Ya’ 2016!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for reading this year. I honestly can’t believe that anyone besides my mom reads this blog, so thank you for popping in this year! I hate New Year’s resolutions but I love lists and planning house projects so I will gladly take this opportunity to write not one, but THREE, end of the year lists:cb2 mobile brass 2016 HOUSE HIGHS


  • The master bath project that is sadly still dragging on. Roadblocks at every turn.
  • Painting the exterior sucked and I’m not even close to being finished.
  • We still don’t have baseboards.


  • Front yard! It’s a shameful weed mess right now. 2017 is our year, I feel it!
  • Finish painting the exterior. Dang. It.
  • Hang some wallpaper in our bedroom.
  • Buy or make a real bed for the master bedroom. No more living like college kids.
  • Finish the master bath.
  • Family room divider.
  • Get the family room pulled together.
  • Finish (as in, install ONE light) our guest bath.

I don’t really remember doing this, but I guess I made a 2016 list last year. Pleasantly surprised to see that we almost accomplished half the list. I my book, a smashing success! I’m aiming for a clean 50% this year. Slow and steady.

Since all good end-of-the-year lists close with a prediction, I’m gonna leave you with this nugget from my demented brain: BEANBAGS. The logical next step to all these squishy 70’s couches popping up everywhere. Will I or won’t I in 2017?! Haha! But really. Wishing everyone an amazing New Year. Seriously so incredibly shocked that anyone reads this garbage and so incredibly thankful to have gotten to know some of you fellow house nuts, even if only virtually! xoxo

P.S. In 2017 it’s now socially acceptable for adults to hang mobiles over their face. The one above is from CB2 and it’s great!

Pinterest Hold Out No More

pinterest-homeShould I feel embarrassed or proud that I’ve never joined Pinterest until last week? Either way, I joined Pinterest last week! And it has become abundantly clear that I’m a fool for holding out for so long. Keeping things simple and minimal is a general life goal that Pinterest seemed in opposition to. Even though I highly value organization and visuals, I always saw it as a rabbit hole time suck. Until my inspiration and ideas organization – that consisted of bookmarking links and also tearing out magazine pages (I know…sooooo pro) – passed into the realm of mega time waste. So I decided to give Pinterest a shot, late to the game, as always.

I’m still trying to transfer and consolidate my virtual and physical mess, but so far things are really working out. I can’t believe how clarifying (not to mention, efficient) it is to have images laid out in one convenient place. I’m making decisions left and right, especially in spaces that have baffled me for so long. The family room, for example, that has seen rounds of fruitless rearrangements finally has some direction.

I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t get the social media aspect of it at all (socially inept all around here!), but I’m loving it for my own thought processes and organization. If you want to follow along, here I am. If you are a Pinterest veteran, tell me everything I need to know!

New year, new style. Just kidding

IMG_6016I don’t usually look back with nostalgia at the passing years, and I may never again, but I’m in a contemplative mood right now and spewing reflection all over the place. Maybe because I just turned 35 and that alone warrants some thinking, mourning and acceptance of adulthood with zero possibility of return. Regardless, something about 2015 got me. It was a good one. On the home front, it was a combo of progress and routine. And, personally, I’ve felt more like myself than I have in years. This is TMI for a house blog, but becoming a parent and living in places I didn’t want to mixed with some depression really made for some muddled and strange years and 2015 was the first one in so long that the fear of slipping back into that didn’t hover over me. I’m still here, Hallelujah! I laughed my regular amount, which is the only thing I ask of myself at this point. I was surprised by how much I liked writing this blog (seriously, THANKS FOR READING!!!!). House projects sound like such a petty way to mark the passage of time, but since they bring me an insane amount of happiness I’m stacking ’em up to see where the year went. So without further embarrassing rambling, here’s my favorite house related events of 2015…

Painting the family/dining room! A project so fresh that I haven’t even photographed it, so you’ll have to trust me when I say HUGE IMPROVEMENT:

A pulled together kids’ room made life a little easier:Shared children's room danish modern twin beds bedframes stripes mid century bookshelf toy shelf vintage lamp plywood DIYBy far, the most read post of the year was this one about weird old fireplaces. Glad everybody’s with me:Vintage Mid Century Retro Malm Preway Fire Place FIreplace freestanding 60's 70'sThis string on cork project is my most favorite thing my hands made this year:DIY String Art Cork Thread how to make string art pins nailsI haven’t posted about this yet, but amateur backyard curbs that were harder but more impactful than expected:curb backyard curveTechnically from last year, this 2014 December kitchen faucet install payed huge 2015 dividends:Grohe Starlight Chrome Faucet KitchenMostly-finished-hallway flooring is so much better than not-started-hallway-flooring:
bellawood maple wood floors reviewHands down favorite 2015 find was this coffee table:coffee tableStill happily surprised by this pop of color on the 5 days this year that I slide the laundry room door closed:yellow pocket door kitchen mid centuryTop honors goes to the GRASSCLOTH!!! Where have you been all my life?How to hang wallpaper over wallpaper diy grass cloth

Don’t expect any New Year’s resolutions outta me because I’m not that kind of girl (though I will nag this into existence), but I’ve got some solid 2016 house goals:

  • Make the pass through in the dining room unpassable but totally cute!
  • Laundry room counter top!
  • Rehab or new front door!
  • Get the wood floor boxes out of the family room and properly arrange the room!
  • Paint all the random unpainted trim in the house!
  • Paint the exterior!
  • Landscape the backyard and maybe even the front!
  • Install lights in the bathrooms and ceiling fans in the bedrooms (#dreambig)!
  • Build a bed for the master bedroom!

Again, thanks for reading!!! Rancid is playing tonight and I’m not going so I’m gonna go close out this year by mixing a little bit of sulk in to my gratitude.