Hi I’m Jenny, lover of weird old things – especially houses! Our family is slowly restoring our mid century ranch home in San Luis Obispo, California and doing our best to bring it back to its 60’s roots. This blog is where I share house projects and other mid century design related ramblings for fellow old house weirdos. Welcome!


Suburban Pop is a participant in ShopStyle and Amazon Associates affiliate programs. This means that some product links on this blog are affiliate links and I may receive modest compensation from purchases made through those links. I run this blog for fun as a place to share creative ideas and as a resource for other mid century home owners, and I use my extremely modest affiliate earnings to offset hosting fees and the monetary/time expenses of photographing projects and creating blog posts. Please know that I will never share products that I haven’t personally purchased or have considered for my own home. And I strongly believe we should be mindful of the impact of overconsumption and thoughtful about what we bring into our homes. Please please please purchase vintage/second hand whenever possible. Thank you so much for your support!

13 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Do yo have an instagram feed? I would like to make reference to your ‘piss off nonstick’ and tag you on my feed…. but can’t seem to find you on instagram.


  2. love the blog and really enjoy the DIY’s. I was looking for the DIY for the toy shelf but could not see it. Did you make this yourself? thanks in advance. Edwin


  3. Hello!

    I am trying DESPERATELY to find a vintage aluminum Christmas tree! Do you have any for sale or know of the best place to look?!


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