Modern Shower Trim Kits

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and I have, along with a hundred other details, overly researched shower trim kits so I’m sharing some of my favorite modern leaning shower fixtures here today! The most important thing to keep in mind is that your shower (or tub) needs a rough in valve … More Modern Shower Trim Kits

Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

I’m ordering materials for a bathroom update (see our finished, terrazzo-ed bathroom here) and, while I’m cheaping out on some parts, terrazzo flooring is a non-negotiable. Terrazzo, a traditional Italian flooring originally created to utilize remnant marble and glass chips, consists of a concrete base mixed with various aggregates all polished down to reveal cut … More Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

Gifts for Mid Century Nerds: Architecture + Design Books!

I’m not generally one to do gift guides, but I thought this one might be of help if you are searching for a little something for that minimal leaning mid century design nerd in your life. Here is a mega list of my favorite mid century design + architecture (plus a few IMO must have … More Gifts for Mid Century Nerds: Architecture + Design Books!

Modern Fire Pit Roundup

Any self-respecting suburb lover enjoys a good backyard, myself obviously included. And any respectable backyard has fire. A favorite addition to our backyard was a simple, low fire pit. Even when it’s not fired up, it serves as a gathering spot, as places where fire happens often do.I purchased ours after a pretty exhaustive search and … More Modern Fire Pit Roundup

Mid Century Front Door Hardware Sources

Fair warning, this is a monster post filled with locksets, handlesets, knobs, escutcheons, trimplates, backsets and more galore! I could go on and on, so I’m probably gonna.I casually mentioned before what a struggle it was to find mid-century leaning door hardware for the front door. As if just finding something cute and mid-century compatible in a sea … More Mid Century Front Door Hardware Sources

Cute, Modern, and Cheap(er) Ceiling Fans

2019 edit: Check out an updated fan roundup here! We don’t have air conditioning in the best town in the world because the weather, much like the people, is mellow and temperate. I love you, SLO. There are usually only a few nights a year that require supplementation to the ocean breezes blowin’ through the window. Those nights happened … More Cute, Modern, and Cheap(er) Ceiling Fans

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Vintage Trailer

For years I thought I was this one thing (a frugal relaxed camper), but turns out I’m this other thing (a snobby hotel vacationer). I was confused because I hoard cute things. Long ago, before I should be thinking about such adult matters, I decided I wanted an old travel trailer BAD. Specifically a late 50’s/early 60’s Shasta. They … More The Pros and Cons of Owning a Vintage Trailer