Family Room Oranged Out

Sharing a look at our semi-done family room today! This room has stumped me for a long time but it’s the room we use the most at the center of our house, so during the last few years we made a dedicated effort to get it under control. We ordered a couch that fit properly, … More Family Room Oranged Out

Kitchen Pass Through Turned Room Divider

Kitchen pass throughs, aka window-like openings in the wall between the kitchen and dining room, aren’t a common house feature these days. But they can be found in many mid century homes – ours included. While I’m all for keeping quirky old-school details, this particular quirk in this particular house needed some reworking. With the … More Kitchen Pass Through Turned Room Divider

Copper Nest Thermostat

Happy Friday everyone! I didn’t intend to take such a long blog hiatus, but life/family obligations have been unrelenting. Major highlights include the flu, 4 weeks of lingering flu, our annual plumbing disaster, and just a very time-consuming homeschooling season. Add in an unusually rainy and freezing winter (we even got 5 minutes of snow … More Copper Nest Thermostat

Dining Room Art

I’m one of those nuts who is moved by clay. I love “art” (meaning very debatable, but I’m referring to visual art here) in general, and ceramics in particular. And I’m trying overall in my home to have less but have better. With that, I’m trying to avoid spending money on mediocrity so that I … More Dining Room Art

Dining Room Too

Hey everybody! We spent some time in lovely San Diego last week, where I said 1000 times “Ya, I could live here.” It’s going on my Ya I Could Live There List, joining San Luis Obispo (the place where I actually live and fully endorse) and Palm Springs (a questionable addition where 50% of me is … More Dining Room Too

Dining Room Freshness

Things are nearing completion and it feels darn good. The 70’s green floral wallpaper has been removed on one wall and replaced with grasscloth on the other, the putty walls and ceiling have been painted white, and I settled on the wood clock, nailing a second hole into the wall. Although it looks quite similar to the old room … More Dining Room Freshness

Hanging Grasscloth Wallpaper Yourself – DO IT!

I’ve wanted grasscloth wallpaper for so long and I regret that I waited until now to hang it. The installation was much easier than I anticipated. It’s possible that my expectations were way off. By the time I was done I expected to: be crying, have my entire room ceilings to floors covered in wallpaper adhesive, … More Hanging Grasscloth Wallpaper Yourself – DO IT!

Removing Wallpaper

This is mostly a post of pure commiseration. If you are in the middle of wallpaper removal, you are not alone. It sucks. Removing wallpaper is the worst.I finally parted ways with the wallpaper in our dining room. (Well, half of it, but I don’t want to tell you yet why half of it is still up because if … More Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper Dilemmas

Ready for a wallpaper ramble? Here it is: I’m getting ready to dig into my dining room soon and I’ve got wallpaper problems. The issue being whether I keep it or rip it down in a fury. This wallpaper used to cocoon the house. Actually, just the entire long hallway and this room, but it ate up a lot of … More Wallpaper Dilemmas

Dining Room As Is

The dining room and family room are on my list of things to nail this summer. These rooms have mostly been untouched since we moved in and it’s finally time to tear into them.The two rooms are open to one another, separated by a step down in the family room and possibly a rail (if … More Dining Room As Is