Sea Ranch

A note from January 2023: I found this post from a year ago in my drafts. In the mess of last year I forgot to ever hit publish on this one so I’m doing it today. Better late than never when it comes to Sea Ranch! Time traveling all the way back to January 2022… … More Sea Ranch

Space Age Moon Park

We made the shortest trip ever to our hometown (homecounty?), Orange County, CA, recently and had to pop in to one of my favorite places. A wonderland of a park in Anaheim. No, not that park. The second happiest place on earth: Brookhurst Community Park. I shared some pictures on IG stories and you guys … More Space Age Moon Park


If you read my last post, you probably gathered that I’m a Paolo Soleri architecture super fan. And as if Arcosanti isn’t enough genius for one person to pump out in a lifetime, Soleri built another magical wonderland, Cosanti, as well. I can’t tell you which is my favorite because both are my favorite. Cosanti … More Cosanti


Continuing with our Arizona architectural adventures: ARCOSANTI! If you are unfamiliar with Paolo Soleri, he’s a genius nut most known for his pottery bells and his urban planning philosophy incorporating architecture and ecology, called arcology, a push back against the consumerism and suburban sprawl of the 60’s and 70’s. Arcosanti is Soleri’s experimental utopian town … More Arcosanti

Frey House II

I’ll say it again: what an incredible treat to tour the Frey House II during our recent Palm Springs visit. Visiting Edris was enough for a lifetime, so this pushed things over the top for this crazy architecture lover. I have a thing for rock in homes so obviously this house blows my mind in every way. … More Frey House II

Edris House

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to tour the Edris House during Modernism Week last month. Perfect is the only correct word to describe this dwelling. Utter architectural perfection. Built in 1954 by architect E. Stewart Williams, the house was meticulously custom built for his friends, the Edrises, who gave Williams free rein in design and budget. … More Edris House

Modernism Week Recap

Hey all! I’m a little behind recapping Modernism Week, but we left, as always, with so much momentum that would be stupid to not act on asap. Major floor work getting done over here! The week was so great though! Such a packed, but fun visit. While I wasn’t particularly jazzed about the increased Palm Springs crowds – … More Modernism Week Recap

Palm Springs Again

Something unexpected and wonderful happened. Our family has been planning to go to Disneyland. Three times. If you are a Southern California resident, which we barely but officially are, you can go 3 times between Jan-May for 1.5 times the price of daily admission. So, again, Disneyland three times. I love Disneyland but offhandedly I said, you know, … More Palm Springs Again

Palm Springs

We just got back from Palm Springs and it’s seriously my kind of town. Every time I go, all I do is WANT. I want in. I want the houses, like every single one of them – definitely including you Edris House. I want the palm trees, want the pools, want the mountains, want the desert. Surely I have moderate … More Palm Springs


Graceland, yo! The house as legendary and over the top as its former inhabitant. So iconic and such a part of our American vernacular that it is easy to dismiss it as simply a gathering place of the fanatic and the work of a manic (and it may well be), and then miss the masterful interiors. Don’t let its proper … More Graceland