Main Bathroom Renovation

I’m finally finding time to share the bathroom renovation that we finished last November! Buckle up, it’s gonna be long one as I try to condense an 8 month long project into one rambling post. All sources are compiled at the end so head on down if you’re looking for a link and not details. … More Main Bathroom Renovation

Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

I’m ordering materials for a bathroom update (see our finished, terrazzo-ed bathroom here) and, while I’m cheaping out on some parts, terrazzo flooring is a non-negotiable. Terrazzo, a traditional Italian flooring originally created to utilize remnant marble and glass chips, consists of a concrete base mixed with various aggregates all polished down to reveal cut … More Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

Main Bathroom Stuff

Posting and projects have taken a temporary backseat while we figure out new homeschool routines so I’m checking in with a vague bathroom update today. No visible progress exists in the actual room to show, only visible deterioration, as we repeatedly run into dodgy and dangerous wiring additions. We’ve been patching repairs only to add new ones … More Main Bathroom Stuff

Bathroom Favorites

The main bathroom project is the worst and is neither simple nor small, as intended. I’ve never hated a project so much or had less to show for hours of work. The practical factors that come into play and encroach upon aesthetics drag me down. Bathrooms and kitchens projects aren’t for dreamers – or husbands … More Bathroom Favorites

Main Bathroom BEFORE

Get ready for some glamour shots! First let’s get a few things straight: This has already been “updated” once – see way below for the true befores. We’ve been living like this for three years. Yes, what you are seeing is indeed bathroom CARPET + bare bulb + giant wall hole. Yes, our bathroom is really … More Main Bathroom BEFORE

Living with Mid-Century Bathroom Fixtures

Since bathrooms have been on my mind lately, I thought I’d post some of my favorite ways to live with those colorful mid century bathroom fixtures for those of you fortunate enough to have them – even if you don’t feel fortunate. Vintage fixtures in loud colors can be tricky to work with. You instantly have huge limitations on what you … More Living with Mid-Century Bathroom Fixtures

Blue Bathroom Progress

Alright, this bathroom is a lot, I know. A lot of blue. A lot of old “retro” fixtures and flooring. A lot of square footage. A lot of stripes. All of this wildness is more than I would usually cram into one room. Since this is a bathroom, though, I’m taking some bathroom artistic license. Big Blue … More Blue Bathroom Progress

Painted Striped Ceiling

Another wild paint job? Why not. This blue bathroom originally had a plain old white ceiling (actually, it originally had plaid wallpaper but that’s a story for another day). A white ceiling, white cabinets, pale blue walls, white and blue tiles, blue bathroom fixtures, chrome finishes, and and a light blue and gold floor. I thought that was … More Painted Striped Ceiling