Some October pics from around the house… Spiders and webs are from Target (webs are tinsel plastic FYI and I’ve already had to make some repairs). I thrifted a lot of the jack-o-lanterns and the rest are from Target. No candy chute this year (the pipe is now in-ground rain gutter drainage), but we went … More October

Halloween Candy Chute

Quick post about our impromptu and super simple Halloween candy chute for weird 2020 Halloween! First off, this is not an original idea, but 100% inspired by a google image search. Second, this is only super simple if you already have a stair rail leading to your front door. Third, our neighborhood is never packed … More Halloween Candy Chute


I really wanted to go overboard on Halloween decorations this year to offset 2020 horrors, but I didn’t have the energy or creativity or time so these cardboard bats are as elaborate as I got. Made from trash boxes and leftover exterior paint, one continually ends up in the rain gutter and one has since … More Bats!

Halloween Madness

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…and I went a little crazy with the Halloween touches. The past few years I’ve become a holiday decorating minimalist, so this is me really going all out, haha. If not at Halloween, when? Proudly, all the Halloween items still fit into 1 storage box, but there’s fun … More Halloween Madness

Halloween In

Hi!!! Such a quick pop-in to share pictures of what we got going inside for this Halloween season (I shared outside last time). I usually throw all I got, which isn’t a lot, at one spot inside and call it a day when decorating for Halloween. But not this year! I went all out. No I … More Halloween In

Halloween Out

I had a lot of fun decorating our house for Halloween this year. I usually go pretty minimal (last year’s inside and out) but was surprisingly over-enthusiastic this year. Probably because the front yard is semi-presentable for the first time ever and the possibilities are wide open. It’s really great, I’ll share soon, I just need … More Halloween Out

Halloween Outside

Trying to make this one small area of the front yard look festive for trick or treaters when the rest of the yard looks like a horror show. Budget Halloween porch: bags of spiderwebs, spray painted wreath, pumpkins, dead plant, hastily cut construction paper bats, and tacky jack-o-lanterned kitchen light. Ta-da! The spookiest part of … More Halloween Outside

Halloween Inside

Halloween, I’m feeling you! The kids have their costumes gathered, there’s been a few tarantula sightings on our street (THE BEST!), the weather is finally cooling down, and the decorations are up. I’m one of those who can’t help myself this time of year and ends up buying all the crap. When the trees start … More Halloween Inside