Mid Century Gingerbread House

I know Christmas is over but last week I cheated a lazy little mid century gingerbread house out of a preassembled kit and it turned out pretty cute for minimal effort so I’m sharing for future Christmases! The kit from World Market is adorable as is. But with a few tweaks you can get a … More Mid Century Gingerbread House

Christmas Light Tree

Our front yard Christmas light pole tree got a big upgrade this year with LED C9 bulbs that look just like old school incandescents from Tru-Tone. Last year I waited too long to purchase and they sold out so I made sure to order in October this go round. I knew I would like them, … More Christmas Light Tree


I didn’t intend to take a nearly year long break from this blog, but here we are. Hi! It’s Christmas again! Gonna try to squeeze a few posts in before the year is over and pretend like I never left. First up: Christmas cheer/crap around the house! Look at THIS BIG BOY. Last year Rusty … More CHRISTMAS AGAIN

December 2021

I’m strategically cropping out dog crates, dog gates, dog toys, and ripped up rugs to say happy December! I hope this holiday season is whatever you need it to be this year. I’m struggling to keep up with everything, including posting projects here right now (the bathroom is way done!). Finding time and mental motivation … More December 2021

Pandemic Christmas

Like many of you, I was ready to Christmas up my house very early this year and got going in mid November. And I might leave it up well into January because: anything to help get through a raging pandemic + incompetent government response is ok. (And if decorating or celebrating is too much this … More Pandemic Christmas

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to the Walking In A Winter Wonderland Holiday Home Tour! A group of nearly 20 bloggers have been sharing tours of our holiday homes all week – and today is the day for mine! If you have hopped over from the gorgeous Sarah Johnson blog, then HELLO! Your next stop will be the lovely Decor … More Holiday Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

I wasn’t going to do a full on holiday house tour this year because I kinda already did one. But I’ve been having great success lately designing our puzzling family room, so I thought maybe all dressed up for the holidays would be a fun way to share the changes! Plus, this year I haven’t put … More Christmas Home Tour

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Did you have one of these ceramic lighted trees as a kid? We did and it might be my favorite Christmas decoration memory from childhood. (Well that and an odd stuffed Christmas mouse in clothes that hid under low slung furniture? Mom???) I looked forward to organizing those little plastic bulbs all year long! It … More Rainbow Christmas Tree

Christmassy Den

I never would have thought that my blue room would be one of the most Christmassy, but every year it is! This room always gets the most basic of decorations (2016 and 2015) and nevertheless, it is always ready to party. All I did this year was add a tinsel wreath to the fireplace screen … More Christmassy Den

Oh Christmas Tree

It’s that time! Our aluminum tree is up in our family room! Last year it was in the den and we did a flocked tree in here, but in the interest of simplicity, we are keeping things nice and minimal in 2017, which always ends up being my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. I’m … More Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Den

Christmas happened all around the house but I’m only sharing the den today because of this real life fact: I’m incapable of having two rooms clean at the same time. Today the den is clean. The rest of the house looks like the Wet Bandits blew through town. My kids are in an incredibly prolific … More Christmas Den

Christmas Overload!

Christmas decoration goals: To have less. To have better (no junk). To have cohesion. Tasteful but tacky. Festive but simple. Easy set up. Big impact. Minimal storage. I’m not even close to there yet, but every year I try to pare it down a bit to the best of the best/things I love most. My house is … More Christmas Overload!