One More Christmas Post

OK, one more Christmas post before the big day! This time, our entry. (Family room here and den here.) I loved walking down the hall to our simple entry Halloween decorations this year, so I basically copied that but in Christmas form. I swapped mirrors (this one is from Amazon and is one of my favorite purchases!), then added a little white tree and lights. Again, pretty low-key decorating this year. Festive but contained. Give me a few more years and I might be down to nothing! The older I get, the more stressed I get, and the less excess I can handle. Is this natural life progression…or should I talk to someone in 2018?  This special little vintage “KISS ME” mistletoe decoration was made by my kiddos great grandma. So sweet. Around the corner from the entry, in the dining room bookshelf, I tucked my favorite vintage reindeer along with our advent calendarSo if you are keeping score, I completely failed at a calm, simple, reflective December despite my best efforts. I’m a wreck. Does this just happen as kids get older and have more of a social life/homework/etc? While I’m not ready to pack up the decorations, I’m really looking forward to some quiet next week after all the celebrating, when we have nothing scheduled but some hardwood flooring install (in the kid bedrooms!). I desperately need a break, mostly from being my youngest’s teacher, ha! Christmas plus regular mom stuff plus homeschool has just pushed me over the edge this month. Like pass the pillow, I’m gonna scream. So sad, but true, and just life. Hope your December fared better! And if so, tell me your secrets to simplicity. If not, there’s always next Christmas! Merry Christmas from my crazy house to yours! xoxo


Christmassy Den

I never would have thought that my blue room would be one of the most Christmassy, but every year it is! This room always gets the most basic of decorations (2016 and 2015) and nevertheless, it is always ready to party. All I did this year was add a tinsel wreath to the fireplace screen and hang a vintage mini aluminum tree and BOOM it’s Christmas. The colors in here just lend themselves to lots of shiny silver and bright colors, I guess. Whatever the reason, thank you den for your enthusiastic participation! Most everything in here is vintage except for the rug and mirror. Family room Christmas right here!

Praying for California today. All the firefighters, residents and animals. None of the big fires are in our county, but could so easily be. The neighborhoods burning in Ventura look just like ours. I clearly have a soft spot for shelter and “home”, and the safety and comfort they represent. I can’t imagine the pain and workload facing the many who have lost so much. And the horses. The horses! It’s so heartbreaking. God bless firefighters. Here’s how to help. xoxo

Oh, Christmas Tree!

faux sheepskin christmas tree skirt ikeaIt’s that time! Our aluminum tree is up in our family room! Last year it was in the den and we did a flocked tree in here, but in the interest of simplicity, we are keeping things nice and minimal in 2017, which always ends up being my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. I’m such a sucker for simple glass balls on Christmas trees, especially airy aluminum ones, and after some deliberation we landed on this turquoise/yellow/orange/green/gold color scheme that I am loving in this room. I think it’s the prettiest tree ever, but I think that every year.
mid century Christmas aluminum tree ornaments glass blue orange turquoise shiny britemid century Christmas aluminum tree ornaments glass blue orange turquoise shiny briteThe “tree skirt” is just two Ikea faux sheepskins.mid century Christmas aluminum tree ornaments glass blue orange turquoise shiny briteSome ornaments are vintage, but those lovely turquoise and aqua ones are new from Michaels. It’s hard to find a really good vibrant greenish blue, so I scooped up a bunch after Christmas last year and a few more boxes this year too! I want more orange but nobody ever sells orange ornaments…
Elsewhere in the room, tinsel drenches the bookshelf and a few little vintage trees sit here and there and that’s the extent of the decorating!This beaded tree was my husband’s grandma’s. Isn’t it adorable? That spacey base alone!Not planned, but a perk from outside is how well this year’s tree coordinates with our patio and backyard (same colors as crazy wall!). Double fun!mid century Christmas aluminum tree ornaments glass blue orange turquoise shiny britemid century Christmas aluminum tree ornaments glass blue orange turquoise shiny briteIt goes without saying that a color wheel illuminates the tree at night, making boss wall shadows everywhere! I’ve scattered a few other festive touches around the house and it feels like just enough, not too overwhelming. I’ll share more next time!

Hope you are having a slow and simple December. We would be except I’m pushing to finish the front yard saga (yes we are still working on that) before the new year and, if we make it, it will be cutting it close!