Family Room Oranged Out

Sharing a look at our semi-done family room today! This room has stumped me for a long time but it’s the room we use the most at the center of our house, so during the last few years we made a dedicated effort to get it under control. We ordered a couch that fit properly, … More Family Room Oranged Out

Orange Couch!

In the slowest march ever to make our space function at max potential, we bought an orange couch for the family room! It was hard for me to say goodbye since it had been with us since the beginning, but we parted with out beloved vintage sectional in an effort to be more practical at … More Orange Couch!

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to the Walking In A Winter Wonderland Holiday Home Tour! A group of nearly 20 bloggers have been sharing tours of our holiday homes all week – and today is the day for mine! If you have hopped over from the gorgeous Sarah Johnson blog, then HELLO! Your next stop will be the lovely Decor … More Holiday Home Tour


1. I bought this rattan chair. Ok, so I clearly don’t need any more chairs. But I’ve been hunting for a vintage chair like this for years and decided to give into this affordable and gigantic placeholder when it was 40% off over the holidays. I’m SO into it. The chair/throne brings so much character to … More Stuff

Christmas Home Tour

I wasn’t going to do a full on holiday house tour this year because I kinda already did one. But I’ve been having great success lately designing our puzzling family room, so I thought maybe all dressed up for the holidays would be a fun way to share the changes! Plus, this year I haven’t put … More Christmas Home Tour

Couch Problems

Do you have a room you just can’t get to work? Mine is my family room. Every time I share I say the same thing. It bugs me that I can’t get my favorite room in our house to submit to my will. And even though I have big fun future plans in here to … More Couch Problems

Oh Christmas Tree

It’s that time! Our aluminum tree is up in our family room! Last year it was in the den and we did a flocked tree in here, but in the interest of simplicity, we are keeping things nice and minimal in 2017, which always ends up being my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. I’m … More Oh Christmas Tree

Family Room Rearrange

Hey all! Today I’m sharing the 17th rearrangement of our family room. OK I lost count at 10, but there’s been many versions. A little context. This room was the room that sold me on this house. Rock fireplace + sunken living room = take my money. Unanticipated, it’s the room that I can’t figure out. It’s constantly in a state … More Family Room Rearrange

Painting Built-Ins

I’ve been putting in time in the family room, trying to get to a place where things just make more sense, but I’ve been stalled on this built-in cabinet. I’ll admit that it’s useful, displaying pottery hoards/Salton Sea relics in an uncluttered way up top and housing board games below. On the flip side, it competes with the fireplace … More Painting Built-Ins

Halloween Inside

Halloween, I’m feeling you! The kids have their costumes gathered, there’s been a few tarantula sightings on our street (THE BEST!), the weather is finally cooling down, and the decorations are up. I’m one of those who can’t help myself this time of year and ends up buying all the crap. When the trees start … More Halloween Inside

Family Room Freshness

You can read all about my complaints, loves, and confusions about this wacky sunken room in a post from a few months ago, check out my dream family rooms here, and see the converse side of this room in my last post about the dining area. The only update has been white walls. Can I get a high-five?! It … More Family Room Freshness