Color Block Repaint + Virtual Learning Space

This will probably be the last time this room makes an appearance on here, as it belongs to my daughter who is getting older and I want her to go wild with her own direction for her space. This iteration is shared with her permission to show how easy it is to switch up the … More Color Block Repaint + Virtual Learning Space

Maple Hardwood Floors

We decided to give our aggravating hardwood floor install another go and we’re SO glad we did!!! We upgraded up our flooring product (unintentionally – an ordering mistake on our part whoops) and the (unintentional) payout was HUGE. Last time around we used Bellawood’s solid 3/4 x 3 1/4″ Natural Maple, so beautiful but a nightmare to install, … More Maple Hardwood Floors

Nighttime Life

Hey everybody! After sharing my son’s room recently, I thought I’d give a quick peek into what our nighttimes look like around here. They center around my daughter’s room, where my son has landed on a mattress on her floor. It’s a little dumpy and unofficial, I know, but I’m just so thankful they are … More Nighttime Life

Kid Room #1 Plan

We’ve been kicking around ideas for my daughter’s room since the major kids’ room upheaval of 2016 and here’s a look at where we are headed! My girl’s only must-haves were pink (any shade) and gold somewhere in the room. How on trend of her! (Sorry, but this is a blush/rose gold free zone!) Other than those requirements, she doesn’t … More Kid Room #1 Plan

Goodbye Guest Room, Hello Separate Sibling Rooms

Hey everybody! I willingly skipped Modernism Week (!) for a relaxing weekend in Santa Cruz with my guy and a good concert instead. I have conflicting loyalties and the songs won out this time. Thanks Grandparents for the break!! We were wondering what other people do on their weekends away because we usually take in a band or two (hello … More Goodbye Guest Room, Hello Separate Sibling Rooms

The Guest Room

Let me introduce you the guest room. It’s not the most daring room, as great guest rooms are. It more kind of came together with all the left over pieces of the house, as most guest rooms are. Considering that, I think it’s pulling it off alright. One day it will become a kid’s room (even though they love … More The Guest Room

My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

(UPDATE: MORE ON THE PAINTING PROCESS HERE.) (UPDATE: CATCH A MASSIVE ROUNDUP OF MODERN FANS RIGHT HERE.) Finding good looking ceiling fans is the worst! An impossible feat – even if you have a big ceiling fan budget, which I don’t. I do, however, have a major need for ceiling fans. In every bedroom. The breezy Pacific is … More My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart

I always imagined tallying my kids’ height milestones on a doorframe or wall in the one house where their childhood would play out. But, like so many young families, we’ve spent our time in several different temporary houses where I knew sweet memories would have to eventually be left behind. Thankfully, Martha Stewart Living came to my rescue with … More DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart