Decade Thoughts

Though I usually enjoy end of year looking back/looking forward wrap ups, I almost skipped it this time around because the whole new decade thing brought on what can only be described as a dramatic mid life crisis haha! A lot shifted for me in the past year and I haven’t yet found my footing, … More Decade Thoughts

Gifts for Mid Century Nerds: Architecture + Design Books!

I’m not generally one to do gift guides, but I thought this one might be of help if you are searching for a little something for that minimal leaning mid century design nerd in your life. Here is a mega list of my favorite mid century design + architecture (plus a few IMO must have … More Gifts for Mid Century Nerds: Architecture + Design Books!


Hi friends! I’m preoccupied with den stuff no more, and ready to talk about literally anything else… Lights. We swapped out the lights in our dressing room sputnik for torpedo shaped LEDs. Went with these and are happy enough. Love that energy efficient lighting is finally getting better looking (no plastic bottom half!). But we … More Stuff


Atomic Ranch. Current issue is FUN. Full of Palm Springs goodness and our front door (pre-exterior painting) even makes a little appearance! 70’s houses. Shared this listing on IG and it’s too good not to mention here also. I have strong urges to hoard 70’s coastal California redwood houses and this local geometric masterpiece is … More Stuff


Chair. I bought this rattan chair. Ok, so I clearly don’t need any more chairs. But I’ve been hunting for a vintage chair like this for years and decided to give into this affordable and gigantic placeholder when it was 40% off over the holidays. I’m SO into it. The chair/throne brings so much character to … More Stuff

Goodbye 2018

What a ride it’s been. You feel the same? I’ve read so many people’s year end posts and the phrase “highest highs and lowest lows” is being passed around a lot. For me, scratch the highest highs, make it a persistent low and it’s spot on, haha. Last year was plain hard. I felt like … More Goodbye 2018

Five Year House Tour

In honor of our sweet little 60’s ranch and five tumultuous years together, I’m sharing a whole house tour! I’ve never shared the whole place at once, mostly because we’ve been in constant project mode since moving in. But this summer, just shy of 5 years of owning it, our entire home was shot for … More Five Year House Tour


Sharing a handful of things have me excited right now: 1 I can’t stop thinking about this room. I’m so inspired by it. Possibly because it reminds me of a cool hippie version of my daughter’s room with that coral block of color (that goes onto the ceiling YES). But it’s probably just all the … More Stuff

A New Year

I know I’ve probably missed the whole end-of-year-wrap-up window, but I’m going there anyway today with year-end house highs and my new year house hopes! Christmas was a fun-filled, mad-rush to the finish line for us and then we spent the following week frantically finishing up our front yard and installing wood floors in my … More A New Year

Konmari for DIYers?

Have you ever wanted to Konmari but you are living under “special circumstances”? I think that continually describes me so I’ve put off doing a full clean out and wondered why Marie Kondo didn’t address “special circumstances” in her nutty/popular/helpful book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up…and then I figured out it’s because most of her … More Konmari for DIYers?


I’m deep in a brutalist phase right now. Maybe it’s these times? I just sent a text to my husband that said “BRUTAL SUCCESS”, signifying that we are now the proud owners of a sweet vintage piece (not the one pictured – I wish). Umm, not sure why he hasn’t responded with due excitement, or at least … More Respects

See Ya’ 2016!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for reading this year. I honestly can’t believe that anyone besides my mom reads this blog, so thank you for popping in this year! I hate New Year’s resolutions but I love lists and planning house projects so I will gladly take this opportunity to write not … More See Ya’ 2016!


We should start with the elephant in the room: America. So many mixed emotions, all the time but especially this year, about our country, our history, and our government. Like most things in life, so much good with so much bad. So incredibly thankful that we can vote, have a peaceful transfer of power (still blows … More Respects


Hi friends! Guess what? School started today in my area and my kids aren’t there because we are officially a homeschool family!!!! I’m incredibly excited but understandably nervous too. There’s a big handful of reasons, but mostly I just want to see my kids more. I’m one of those. And this really accomplishes that on a grand scale. I’m … More Respects


Hey guys, it’s that time again for mad respects… I gotta start with the Eames Hang-It-All! I’ve rationalized not buying one of these for so long but I was pretty wrong in all ways. Turns out, it’s kind of a must have. Dramatic functionality in perfect proportions. I want one in like 4 other rooms, in addition to this bathroom. … More Respects


Heeeey! Just a few really weird randoms today… I’m not sure why, but a Williams-Sonoma Home catalog arrived in the mail. I’m not sure why, but I leafed through it before tossing. And unexpected inspiration struck. I’ve wanted to put a painting back in the dining room but couldn’t find or come up with anything that … More Respects