Hanging Art and Poking Holes In Wallpaper

mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table grasscloth wallpaper nelson bubble light jereI finally had the urge/courage to nail into the dining room grasscloth. After a few enjoyable months of seeing just the wallpaper, it was time. I was unreasonably nervous about nail holes in the wallpaper and even researched gallery style ceiling hooks. But I talked myself down from that ridiculousness with stuff like, “It’s only wallpaper and heavily textured at that.” Or, “The worst that can happen is I mess up and have visible holes.” And that’s kind of how it went. I got out the hammer, measured extremely carefully and…I think I biffed it!mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table grasscloth wallpaper nelson bubble light

I wrongly assumed that I would just want this crazy abstract painting in there again. It made the room in its previous state. I had concerns about the large surface area of it with the inevitable fading of the grasscloth, but decided that I liked it enough to deal with the consequence. But when I actually hung it on the wall and it didn’t love it there like it used to. It’s funny how such a small change can largely impact the feel of a room. And, by the way, I decided to hang it centered to the wallpaper panels instead of perfectly centered on the wall.mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table vintage wallpaper nelson bubble light

mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table grasscloth wallpaper nelson bubble light abstract artThere is now an irrevocable nail hole in a useless spot since nothing else I would hang here is as huge as that painting. Thankfully, it’s not that noticeable at all with all this paper has going on and, of course, it could be worse.

I’ve tried nearly every hanging object in my house on this wall and I’ve narrowed it down to this Curtis Jere sculpture or the wood starburst clock. Both winners. The sculpture is so beautiful and subtle, and the clock a bit more interesting. Grasscloth should be expected to mellow/fade, much like wood floors, so I really like how neither of these will leave huge marks as that happens. Fun decisions for me…curtis jere sculpture brass birds starburst grasscloth wallpaper

nelson bubble light lamp starburst clock seth thomas grasscloth wallpaper

mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table grasscloth wallpaper nelson bubble light jere

mid century dining room heywood wakefield wishbone table grasscloth wallpaper nelson bubble light starburst clock Either way, I’m loving how earthy and textured and warm it all looks. A big difference from the contrast and sheen from the old wallpaper. I have a lot of white walls to share so I’ll be back next time with that! Thanks for reading!!!


DIY Teardrop Starburst

diy teardrop driftwood starburst wall hanging painting covering hole in wall stucco patio I’m in the middle of removing wallpaper in the family room and it is literally coming off in tiny little pieces and driving me insane. (On the flip side, grasscloth came today!!!! It’s the circle of life.) Anyways, I needed a break so I worked on this weird little project instead. The problem was that our 1961 house had futuristic intercoms installed throughout it at one point in time. The only remaining one is at the front door, right here: vintage house intercom When we got the house there was also a non-functioning unit in the guest bedroom, plus an empty cavity from another in the master. We patched up the bedroom holes before we moved in but didn’t discover another hole out on the patio until a few months after, hidden behind a flowery-so-not-my-style thermometer the previous owners had left.hole in the wall stucco cover intercomObviously we need to patch the stucco at some point, but today is not that day. The goal was to cover this up with something interesting. Surprisingly, I had the hardest time finding anything that worked. Do you know that vintage starburst thermometers are pricey and hard to come by? So, that was out. I bought a mirror, it was way too big. I bought a mosaic, it was way too small. I tried a few pieces I had floating around the house, but all were too airy and showed the thing I was trying to hide. Round 5 brought me to this faux driftwood starburst at Homegoods for $20. I thought about just making one myself, because this is sloppily thrown together, but I was feeling lazy and it was cheap. I think it’s actually made of crappy fence posts and it’s way more beachy/shabby-chic than I’d normally go. But the proportion seemed right and I liked the natural wood element, so I bought it. And it was just right. Except the hole still showed! driftwood starburstI tried to add a mirror, but it was too boring and not at all fun. BUT, I was loving the semi-circle thing that was serendipitously going on up there, so I came with this painting instead on a scrap piece of masonite. I made a teardrop shaped stencil from cardboard and eyeballed their placement. (Next time, I will bust out the protractor.) I used orange, no duh. After the fact, I decided I liked the orange side solid instead of patterned, so those tears got painted over.orange white painting

stencil making

painting orange white starburst

driftwood starburst painting woodard spun fiberglass chair patioSo, there you have it. Hole is covered. I’m planning on sharing the sad state of our patio soon, tool piles and all, so until that sad day, happy trails!

Cheap B & W Family Photo Wall of Clutter

black white photo gallery wall portraits hall frames grid ikea 11x16Back in that hallway post, I showed a wall of photos. Commonly called a gallery wall, I like to think of these as really just a cluttery wall of family photographs. Now, personally, am not too big on family photos on walls. Lots of people get great joy from them, but my heart is dark and I do not. I like to look at other people’s photos but I’m always thinking, this could have been done in a book, you know, it didn’t have to take up this WHOLE wall. Man, what a downer I am today. black white photo gallery wall portraits hall frames grid ikea 11x16But my husband requested this; it was possibly the only house related thing he has ever in his life requested, so I kind of had to complied. I think he was looking for some daily reminders of how little and sweet our children are for the those times when the day-to-day of parenting/adult life is a drag. Parenting is so hard. So good, the best. But soooo hard. Especially when they are really little. So, the wall o’ photos went up around the corner in our bedroom hallway. It’s not like BOOM IN YOUR FACE portraits of my children the moment you walk in the door, so I can deal with it. We walk by it many times a day, looking at our beautiful, calm, quiet children’s faces while their actual bodies are flailing around the house at excruciating volumes and knocking the pictures of themselves off the wall. My kids are my absolute favorite thing ever, in case you aren’t getting that impression from this paragraph.black white photoblack and white family photos frames ikea gallery wall portraits hall frames gridBut the point here is this: I did this wall for so cheap. Which is good because it may not stay around forever. I wanted the clutter as streamlined as could be because I’m crazy that way, hence the all B&W.

Cheapness #1: Ikea is clearly the place for cheap frames, but I did one better. These black 11 x 16 Ikea frames were purchased as a lot on ebay for $35 total. Twenty frames for $35. Probably not easily replicated, but maybe worth a try?

Cheapness #2: I used a pad of water color paper for the mats (cut with an exacto and ruler) instead of actual mat board. I think I spent $12. For a few of the mats, I cut grids instead of singles.

Cheapness #3: The photos are drugstore printed black and white 3×5’s. Obviously, this isn’t an archival framing method, but it serves it’s purpose for now and I filled an entire wall for about $50. Not bad.

black white gallery wall family hallAnd, for the next few years let’s have a standing agreement that you’ll excuse the lack of baseboards anywhere in my house. Thanks for reading!!!