DIY Plywood Outdoor Couch

I’ve been searching for a vintage outdoor sofa for awhile, ideally an iron set with hairpin legs, and have come up with nothing. Ready for a patio napping spot now and not willing to spend $2k on something new, we decided to build what we wanted – floating side tables and all! It cost us … More DIY Plywood Outdoor Couch

Orange Couch!

In the slowest march ever to make our space function at max potential, we bought an orange couch for the family room! It was hard for me to say goodbye since it had been with us since the beginning, but we parted with out beloved vintage sectional in an effort to be more practical at … More Orange Couch!


1. I bought this rattan chair. Ok, so I clearly don’t need any more chairs. But I’ve been hunting for a vintage chair like this for years and decided to give into this affordable and gigantic placeholder when it was 40% off over the holidays. I’m SO into it. The chair/throne brings so much character to … More Stuff

Couch Problems

Do you have a room you just can’t get to work? Mine is my family room. Every time I share I say the same thing. It bugs me that I can’t get my favorite room in our house to submit to my will. And even though I have big fun future plans in here to … More Couch Problems

Tulip Table Refurbish

Backyard projects continue with some patio furniture fixing and it’s super fun/nauseating. Most mornings this week have been spent getting high off of spray paint fumes while my kids are at school. I live a pretty clean life otherwise so when my husband commented that I could have just started drinking with the amount of damage … More Tulip Table Refurbish

Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

I’ve been going a little Howard’s Restore-a-finish crazy over here lately. I know Restore-a-Finish can be controversial among mid century furniture refinishers, but for some of the pieces we own and hope to own for decades, and never plan on personally refinishing, I think Howard’s can make sense in some instances. Like this vintage Lane … More Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

Random Updates

I feel like nothing has gotten done around here in awhile, but that’s not entirely true. Proof: Remember this load of a coffee table? Well, it got some better legs. They are a few inches shorter than the old ones and they are walnut. It’s looking real good, in case you don’t have eyes.This sweet … More Random Updates