Throne. I bought this rattan chair. Ok, so I clearly don’t need any more chairs. But I’ve been hunting for a vintage chair like this for years and decided to give into this affordable and gigantic placeholder when it was 40% off over the holidays. I’m SO into it. The chair/throne brings so much character to … More Stuff

Couch Problems

Do you have a room you just can’t get to work? Mine is my family room. Every time I share I say the same thing. It bugs me that I can’t get my favorite room in our house to submit to my will. And even though I have big fun future plans in here to … More Couch Problems


We should start with the elephant in the room: America. So many mixed emotions, all the time but especially this year, about our country, our history, and our government. Like most things in life, so much good with so much bad. So incredibly thankful that we can vote, have a peaceful transfer of power (still blows … More Respects

Tulip Table Refurbish

Backyard projects continue with some patio furniture fixing and it’s super fun/nauseating. Most mornings this week have been spent getting high off of spray paint fumes while my kids are at school. I live a pretty clean life otherwise so when my husband commented that I could have just started drinking with the amount of damage … More Tulip Table Refurbish

That Time I Bought a Couch at JCPenney (Buying Vintage vs Reproduction Furniture)

So, this is probably a bit overdue since I wrote this almost a year ago and never got around to posting (oops)…And now it looks like the couch is permanently on clearance (along with the leather version here)….And the chair is gone….However, it’s possible this may be useful to someone and I’ve been mentioning it lately without giving … More That Time I Bought a Couch at JCPenney (Buying Vintage vs Reproduction Furniture)

Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

I’ve been going a little Howard’s Restore-a-finish crazy over here lately. Have you ever used this stuff? I tumbled down the rabbit hole recently. At the height of my frenzy, which was the day I first tried it and saw with my own eyes the easy-goodness of Howard, I was literally walking around the house with a … More Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

Random Updates

Excuse my slacker blogging the past few weeks. It has been a bit of a wild ride around here. Just normal everyday stuff like broken dryers and kids on Spring Break and mourning missed secret Neil Young shows…and then some actual heavy stuff with a youngin’ in my family that involved paramedics and lots of stress crying. Everybody is doing good … More Random Updates