Main Bedroom Furniture Swaps

Subtle but magical changes happened in our bedroom! Though not hugely different from last time I shared after I hung the grasscloth, the last few months have brought some furniture additions and subtractions, enough that a full freshening up was in order. The One Room Challenge last May was the catalyst. With the unplanned acquisition of … More Main Bedroom Furniture Swaps


1. We swapped out the lights in our dressing room sputnik for torpedo shaped LEDs. Went with these and are happy enough. Love that energy efficient lighting is finally getting better looking (no plastic bottom half!). But we also upgraded our switch to a dimmer and I will say these lights are underwhelming when dimmed. … More Stuff


I wallpapered our dressing room this week. I am so happy with the results but IT WAS THE WORST JOB EVER. Surprisingly, I can’t remember another home project, besides shoveling rocks, that I disliked so much. What I thought would take 2 hours, took ten. These walls beat me down and broke me haha. Maybe … More Wallpaper!

Dressing Room Update

Not a ton has changed in this little workhouse of a room, but I’m excited to share its cuteness after some small updates. Mainly, painted closet doors that took an embarrassingly long time to get around to (they made an appearance here), a semi-permanent home for the crying velvet Elvis of my dreams, and a functional little hook that has made … More Dressing Room Update