Dressing Room Freshness

Oh man, I love this tiny little nook in our house so much. Fun abounds at every turn. If you are unfamiliar with residential dressing rooms, I can offer no help. It’s just what the previous owners of our home called this small room between our master bedroom and master bathroom that houses a closet and a large linen closet-like cabinet. I like the needlessly elaborate name so I’m keeping it alive. A more rational person would A. just call it something normal and B. use this square footage to build a bigger bathroom and a more efficient walk in closet. I, however, am not ready to give up any quirks so I continue to give it all my love and redecoration…

You may remember that this room used to have hand drawn bamboo all over, which was awesome, but I was ready for a change and things never quite came together in here anyways. Enter the most perfect wallpaper in the world (that was such a nightmare to hang). This space is now making sense and I am over the moon in love with the walls. They radiate happiness, bringing a smile every time I walk through.Also helping this space along is the new (to me) dresser of my dreams. I’ve only been waiting like 20 years for it. No exaggeration. I’m not currently actively looking for furniture, but I’m not not looking either wink wink. My wandering eyes happened to see a crap load of good stuff on Craigslist recently, this elusive Heywood Wakefield Kohinoor dresser included. “Happened” may not be the right word for when you get a Craigslist alert, but whatever. I went with the intention of buying just the dresser and I ended up with the whole matching bedroom set, that has now moved into my daughter’s room, replacing the previous set in there. Also purchased was an AMAZING Paul McCobb coffee table that I’ve decided to sell because it is way too special and pretty to take the beating that our family dishes out to coffee tables. The Kohinoor set isn’t in the best of condition, but it’s comparable to the old Niagara Heywood Wakefield set we had that I was perfectly happy with (and is now for sale too!) so it’s an upgrade for me. Eventually we’ll get around to refinishing it all. All the furniture swapping and subsequent storage-unit-as-my-home situation has been a little much, but sometimes you gotta take opportunities when they present themselves. I’m just hoping someone buys all my furnitures soon…The oversized rattan mirror is from CB2 (called Mick, looks like it’s sold out?). I bought it for our guest bathroom, where it was PERFECT. But it’s PERFECT here too and since I’m working on this room right now, it gets it. I love that it doesn’t detract from all the other statementy pieces in here, but is a little wacky itself too.

Confessional update: this mirror showed up a few days after I shot these, destined for the entryway, but I’m obsessed with it and it looks INSANE in this room so it might be strong-arming its way into my heart and dressing room. What do you think??? Some hastily shot and un-styled peeks (it looks even better vertical, but I didn’t get a pic yet):After living in this house for a few years I’ve found that I always pull some random stool in here, despite the lack of space, because it’s very convenient to have a seat/place to throw clothes. I finally made the decision to buy a small stool specifically for this space. It was between white rattan and tulip and, as of lately, I can’t say no to tulip. I waited months to find a reasonably priced vintage one on ebay but caved and purchased a total crappy ripoff while I wait it out longer. The “upholstery” job is as horrible as I expected, but I still love the pop of white and orange so much! I’ll recover it myself one of these days (though MY OH MY does it look cute at our kitchen desk and husband said two in one house is absolutely two too many).I still haven’t figured out the wall hook situation in here. I’m leaning again towards the lucite CB2 pulls I had up before, but I bought this Hang It All ripoff on Prime Day to try in here too. It’s cute, but I think too bulky and busy for such a small area that already has a lot going on? Or possibly I’m paralyzed on this decision because I’m terrified to nail into the wallpaper…


  • Remove old wallpaper
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Paint cabinets/closet/trim
  • Replace light
  • Paint bamboo walls
  • Wallpaper
  • Install wood floors (or tile to match bathroom?)
  • Wall hooks
  • Paint interiors of cabinets/closet lazy bum!



wallpaper – Norwall | dresser – vintage Heywood Wakefield | tulip stool – Amazon

mirror – CB2 | other mirror – Amazon | table lamp – Target | sputnik light – vintage

Thanks for reading everybody! xoxo



Mid Century Wallpaper DIY Norwall SH34552 gold white geometricI wallpapered our dressing room this week. I am so happy with the results but IT WAS THE WORST JOB EVER. Surprisingly, I can’t remember another home project, besides shoveling rocks, that I disliked so much. What I thought would take 2 hours, took ten. My back hurts. My brain hurts. Wallpaper hangers are now third on my list, after #1 roofers (<unsung heroes) and #2 landscapers, of jobs that I couldn’t do. Wallpapering is not the most physically demanding job, though more than I imagined, but one of the most mentally/emotionally taxing house projects I’ve ever undertaken. These walls beat me down and broke me.I previously had drawn bamboo all over the walls in here but was never happy with the wall I started with and never had the motivation to redo it. I thought wallpapering instead would be a fun opportunity to switch things up and take just as much effort as I’d use to repaint. HA. In hindsight, this room isn’t beginner wallpaper level and nothing is ever easier than paint. There isn’t a lot of wall square footage, so the work looked deceptively easy, but I neglected to account for the gazillion corners and cuts that were necessary and didn’t quite grasp the scope of matching and leveling geometric patterns.

My only other wallpapering experience is hanging grasscloth, which the internet says is not for beginners but was fairly easy for me, so it stood to reason that hanging beginner level pre-pasted wallpaper would be easier. Wrong. There are seams to hide! There are patterns to line up! There are crooked walls to make appear straight! Grasscloth, I’ve figured out, is easy to work with and covers a multitude of wall and installation sins. Oh, and it’s like twice as wide, so half the work. Don’t listen to the internet. I’m never hanging wallpaper again, except for grasscloth (…which is good because I just bought some black sisal for the black wall in our master bedroom!)The result is great, and if I didn’t have such lingering resentment at the job, I would say that I love it so much. Maybe in a few days or weeks? It was nice to wake up to a new room. Most of my bad feelings stem from the fact that I gave a strong effort and I still ended up with imperfections. I’m not a perfectionist and wasn’t looking for perfect, but I gave great effort here only to good results and I’m annoyed at the waste.

The biggest failure was believing I had way more than enough paper but running out and having to patch in my last run (can you spot it in the photo below?). I hid it well, but I know it’s there, mocking me. The paper, which I didn’t check before hanging like you are supposed to – my fault, had defects throughout roll number 3, opened late in the game. I decided to work around rather than wait weeks for an exchange, which would have been the right thing to do but at a high psychological cost that I couldn’t bear mid-install. Some minor defect, mostly dark spots, made it on the wall while the more major ones, black spots with tears (!?), had to be discarded. So annoying and defeating.My second biggest failure was not doing enough coats of primer. I don’t think anyone would notice without it being pointed out, but that bamboo drawing shows ever so slightly through in some spots. SO DUMB. And I almost primed with clear primer…what was I thinking?! At least I primed?

My third failure was measuring loosely or trimming too hastily and then coming up just short. Total amateur hour. I wasted a lot of time lining up sheets that ultimately weren’t big enough. Luckily, I was able to reuse most, but one that took a particularly long time and a lot of effort to get fitted ended up being 1/2″ too short at the baseboard…and it was end of the line where I knew paper was already running short. Baseboards replacement (with taller baseboards) is imminent so I left it, but I know it’s going to bug me until we get around to it. Otherwise, I have a few small bubbles and one tiny tear at a corner, but those were all to be expected, so they aren’t driving me crazy.The paper, by the way, is Norwall SH34552 and so adorable. Wallpaper is a big commitment, but I’m confident I’ll love this print for years. It is just what I wanted…geometric, a little glam, bold but in a subtle way. I love that is has a slightly mid century Polynesian/Hawaiiana feel too…it softens the goodbye to the bamboo print. The price can’t be beat, nor can the pattern, but the defects mentioned above left a bad taste in my mouth.

Sometimes extra hard jobs end up being the most satisfying ones and I hope my feelings towards this swing that way in the near future. One thing I know: no more! I’ve been toying with wallpapering our laundry room and maybe our hallway but that is a resounding HECK NO at this point. Over it.

Wondering if anybody has had similar (or exact opposite) experiences with DIY wallpapering jobs??? Was it the worst ever for you too? Will these dramatic feelings ever wear off?? Haha! xoxo

Dressing Room Update

Not a ton has changed in this little workhouse of a room, but I’m excited to share its cuteness after some small updates. Mainly, painted closet doors that took an embarrassingly long time to get around to (they made an appearance here), a semi-permanent home for the crying velvet Elvis of my dreams, and a functional little hook that has made this space immensely more efficient. If you are wondering “what is this place?,” it’s a pass through area that houses a closet between the master and the master bath. If you are wondering about the walls, it’s paint and I went through the process here.mid century sputnik light closet

diy painted wallpaper bamboo gold white closet

mid century sputnik light closet

diy painted wallpaper bamboo gold white closet

diy painted wallpaper bamboo gold white closet

mid century sputnik light closet

heywood wakefield niagara dresser

cb2 acrylic amber cylinder knob lucite wall hook

mid century closet velvet elvis panther

cb2 acrylic amber cylinder knob lucite wall hook vintage pink purse trina turkI’ve spent forever looking for a hook that was the one for this wall and I think I finally found it in this honey colored lucite furniture pull from CB2. We screwed into the wall with an anchor and now it hangs out being all simple and understated and perfect.

This room has had quite the transformation since we moved in (see befores and read more about it here) and I think, aside from it not having space for a larger mirror or a chair, it serves its purpose very well. Odds and ends still to do:

  • Remove wallpaper
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Paint cabinet
  • Paint trim
  • Replace light
  • Paint bamboo walls
  • Paint closet doors
  • Wall hook
  • Paint interiors of cabinets and closet you lazy bum
  • Install hardwood floors
  • Install baseboards
  • Redo wall painting on dresser wall because it’s a sloppy mess I’m not proud of

Thanks for reading, fellow house freaks! xoxo