Modern Wall Mount Mailboxes

With the new front door, I’m finding myself ready to swap out our DIY bamboo/spray paint mailbox situation for something more durable and permanent. The gold paint is starting to show finger prints and is ready for replacement or facelift. And with the major pieces are in place, I feel like maybe gold isn’t what I want here. I’m leaning towards sleek and white, and of course, something with a mid century feel. Look at all these adorable options and give me your opinions please!

Modern Mailbox – My front runner. I love everything about this design! I’m thinking white on white for my porch, but there’s so many fun color combos:

Neutrabox – LOVE these ones too!!!! Unfortunately, not ideal colors for our house (only red and black with silver), but WOW to the sliders:CB2 Snail Mailbox – I could strongly see myself with this mailbox. But is it too dark and heavy for my porch? There is that hint of brass though and the price is right:

Moda Industria – I love the color options and the customization options, but I think I need a more low and lean look:

Modbox – Clean, simple and so many fun colors (also pictured at top in orange! Should I just say yes to that one?):

Broadmoor Stainless Mailbox – So out of my price range, but so pretty.


Salsbury Industies – And then there’s this extremely plain one for $50 at Home Depot. Maybe that’s all I need? 
But I can’t shake this combo….
What do you think? One option is to just repaint mine and call it a day. Honestly, I feel ridiculous spending a lot of money on a mailbox, though maybe I shouldn’t since so often it’s the details that really up that curb appeal? Weigh in: is it worth it? And what color/style would you choose?! Do you own one of these and, if so, how has it held up? Thanks!!! xoxo Jenny


Tiny Paintings

I’m gonna keep this short because making sure a certain fluffy husky stays out of trouble is my demanding and stressful full-time job right now. But I made these diminutive round paintings and had to share the weirdness!

I found these tiny but beefy 4″ wood frames at an antique store last year, filled with horrifying drawings that would surely be the type of drawings to murder you in your sleep. Murder drawings or not, at $3/each I couldn’t leave them behind. I planned on filling them with little precious starburst embroideries, but motivation to embroider rarely arrives. So I moved to plan B, whipping up some quick little paintings. I stuck to my regular colors and made about 20 designs, narrowing it down to 4 that worked well together. I attached the frames together with black chain to add even more beef, and ta-da: new thing to hang on my wall!

I would link to some similar frames, but nothing out there is doing it for me. I really think vintage is the way to go here, so check ebay/etsy/etc if you want some tiny paintings for yourself!The weirdness ended up in our family room and all was well for a few days until fluffy husky showed up and A GIANT DOG CRATE MOVED INTO THIS CORNER :( It’s so ugly, but our dog is crazy and needs a safe space for the brief moments we leave the house. Any suggestions on how to make a giant ugly dog crate invisible????


It has been so long since I’ve done one of these (basically a random list of interiors and objects I’m really into), but I’m bringing it back this week to share a handful of things have me very excited right now.

But first, did you hear the big news: we added a mischievous husky puppy to our house who chews up shoes and jumps on furniture. I am tired, yet very much in love. I’ll share more soon, when we settle on a name for him ha! Because he is one of the cutest things ever to roam the earth. Husky paws can do no wrong.


Here is what I’m loving lately:

1 I can’t stop thinking about this room. I’m so inspired by it. Possibly because it reminds me of a cool hippie version of my daughter’s room with that coral block of color (that goes onto the ceiling YES). But it’s probably just all the orange and warmth that you know is like a magnet to me. I LOVE IT AND WANT TO WRAP THIS ROOM AROUND MY LIKE A WARM BLANKET.

2 Super bummed we didn’t make it to Modernism Week, if only because I didn’t get to put myself inside this house what the heck. That living/family room situation is moving. What an update. Favorite moments: the door duh, the walls, the bar, the hot pink, the sculpture and light over the fireplace…basically every detail.

3 Also non-stop running through my mind: this light in yellow for our laundry room. I’m sure I won’t get to that space for a while, but this is the first piece that actually has me excited about a design direction. Now to convince my husband it’s a worthy splurge.

4 I know I’ve mentioned this A Frame before but then it was listed for sale and my head exploded. A Frames why do you gotta be so adorable???

5 I saw this doormat at Target and loved the weird vibe, but don’t quite have a place for it. Maybe some of you do??

6 Hoping to order some butterfly chair covers from Circa50 like I should have done to begin with! After less than two years, both of ours ripped and sent us crashing to the ground this week when we sat on them haha. Husky was intrigued.

Hope you all are having a great week! xoxo Jenny