Tiny Garden Expansion

The one pandemic hobby that stuck around: veggie gardening. And this year I’m going big(ger). It started in the panic of 2020 with one little 6’x3′ raised bed (similar here) and some crappy curbside pickup soil. It was enjoyable enough that I kept at it and even added a second garden bed in 2022. After … More Tiny Garden Expansion

Rain Chain

When we were replacing the underground gutter drainage pipes in our backyard, we swapped out an old rain gutter for a rain chain. We rigged it up ourselves and weren’t sure how much water a chain could direct vs an enclosed gutter pipe. Turns out, they can handle A LOT of water, even doing the … More Rain Chain

Sea Ranch

A note from January 2023: I found this post from a year ago in my drafts. In the mess of last year I forgot to ever hit publish on this one so I’m doing it today. Better late than never when it comes to Sea Ranch! Time traveling all the way back to January 2022… … More Sea Ranch

Christmas Light Tree

Our front yard Christmas light pole tree got a big upgrade this year with LED C9 bulbs that look just like old school incandescents from Tru-Tone. Last year I waited too long to purchase and they sold out so I made sure to order in October this go round. I knew I would like them, … More Christmas Light Tree


I didn’t intend to take a nearly year long break from this blog, but here we are. Hi! It’s Christmas again! Gonna try to squeeze a few posts in before the year is over and pretend like I never left. First up: Christmas cheer/crap around the house! Look at THIS BIG BOY. Last year Rusty … More CHRISTMAS AGAIN

December 2021

I’m strategically cropping out dog crates, dog gates, dog toys, and ripped up rugs to say happy December! I hope this holiday season is whatever you need it to be this year. I’m struggling to keep up with everything, including posting projects here right now (the bathroom is way done!). Finding time and mental motivation … More December 2021


Some October pics from around the house… Spiders and webs are from Target (webs are tinsel plastic FYI and I’ve already had to make some repairs). I thrifted a lot of the jack-o-lanterns and the rest are from Target. No candy chute this year (the pipe is now in-ground rain gutter drainage), but we went … More October

Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

I’m ordering materials for a bathroom update (see our finished, terrazzo-ed bathroom here) and, while I’m cheaping out on some parts, terrazzo flooring is a non-negotiable. Terrazzo, a traditional Italian flooring originally created to utilize remnant marble and glass chips, consists of a concrete base mixed with various aggregates all polished down to reveal cut … More Where to Buy Terrazzo Tile

Pandemic Christmas

Like many of you, I was ready to Christmas up my house very early this year and got going in mid November. And I might leave it up well into January because: anything to help get through a raging pandemic + incompetent government response is ok. (And if decorating or celebrating is too much this … More Pandemic Christmas

Halloween Candy Chute

Quick post about our impromptu and super simple Halloween candy chute for weird 2020 Halloween! First off, this is not an original idea, but 100% inspired by a google image search. Second, this is only super simple if you already have a stair rail leading to your front door. Third, our neighborhood is never packed … More Halloween Candy Chute


I really wanted to go overboard on Halloween decorations this year to offset 2020 horrors, but I didn’t have the energy or creativity or time so these cardboard bats are as elaborate as I got. Made from trash boxes and leftover exterior paint, one continually ends up in the rain gutter and one has since … More Bats!