Halloween Madness

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…and I went a little crazy with the Halloween touches. The past few years I’ve become a holiday decorating minimalist, so this is me really going all out, haha. If not at Halloween, when? Proudly, all the Halloween items still fit into 1 storage box, but there’s fun stuff going on in most every room of the house this year and I’m feeling it! Basically me right now:Starting out front with the new white paint and new black fixtures and the new-to-Halloween orange door!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. This was the year for exterior transformations and dang have we come a long way since our tan and turquoise 2017 Halloween. I didn’t change much in the entry from last year. We are still using this weird old organ as an entry table! The den was given Halloween decoration crumbs, but look how festive! Spider webs are becoming my favorite Halloween addition. Big impact with minimal storage. (Do you notice the couch swap I am experimenting with? The colors are working.) We are still doing this. Probably until my kids are 40.
My very complicated addition to the kitchen/front window. Whoa, we even spilled the festivities into the bedrooms (see this one here). OVER THE TOP.
We’ve been doing Halloween family movie/show nights every Friday…Spooky Buddies is an all time favorite of my kids and I tolerate it for the Halloween campiness of it all. But we recently started watching The Addams Family together (the original TV show), which I loved as a kid but haven’t really watched with adult brains, and it is SO GOOD! They are all I want to be. Tish is my new role model. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies/shows? And do you go all out decorating for Halloween or pass? xoxo Jenny


Five Year House Tour

In honor of our sweet little 60’s ranch and five tumultuous years together, I’m sharing a whole house tour! I’ve never shared the whole place at once, mostly because we’ve been in constant project mode since moving in. But this summer, just shy of 5 years of owning it, our entire home was shot for a magazine (upcoming, so much fun!) and it really pushed us to get our crap together and tie up a bunch of loose ends we’d been putting off. Stuff like baseboards. TV cords. General purging. And for the first time ever the house can pass as kind of done-ish! Our list of future improvements remains long, of course, but I’m thankful to finally be at an enjoyable, livable spot in this slow renovation.

To those of you plugging away at your homes too, I hope this encourages you to stay in the long game and put in the work and be hesitant to gut charming old houses and to think outside the box for furnishings and to most importantly be your true weird selves! We’ll all make our house dreams come true one day! (Me, with soooo much paint in my hair.)

On with the tour…I didn’t include our new exterior paint job, which I’ve yet to photograph but I love so much, or our master bath which remains a barf fest (though the carpet is gone so it’s a luxurious barf fest). I’ll link every room below.





blue bathroom

kid bedroom

kid bedroompink black interior bedroom girl room mid century modern tulip side table heywood wakefield kohinoor bed rugs USA keno moroccan shag rug nuloom

master bedroom

master dressing room


front yard

Thanks for reading friends! I’ll be back in a few days with all the Halloween madness that I’ve piled all over this house! xoxo Jenny

Modern Outdoor Lights

I’ve put in a few good hours looking for mid century-ish exterior wall lights and I thought I’d share some favorites at all different price points! Our newly bright white house needs some adornment after its fresh coat of paint. As in FIVE new exterior lights. When working on a project where there are so few details, the details all really matter so I set out to find some contrasty, bold lights in an interesting but minimal shape to pop on our house. Paying for the painting has left a big vacancy in the house project budget so my parameters were extremely cheap for this upgrade. In an effort to save money, I decided to refurbish and paint our old porch light (a vintage double cone light) for the front, at least for the time being.

Around back, I needed 4 matching lights for our garage/backyard area. My first thought was to buy minimal cylinder sconces. But the more I pondered it, the more I worried that my house would look like just another basic ranch trying to be something it’s not. And the more I wanted lighting that was less ubiquitous and more playful.

I expanded my search and landed on a mid century cone shape, purchasing these very reasonably priced black single cone sconces. I love the simple but beefy triangle, and the price was even better! I bought them from Amazon Warehouse (returns, but like new), making them even super affordable. They haven’t arrived yet but I’m hoping the inverted cone will provide a lovely counterpoint, in shape and color, to our exterior! 


But dang did I ever find some other beautiful options that I might start saving up for…

For obvious reasons, these are blowing my mind. Sadly out of my budget, even though I think they are quite reasonable at around $300 – especially if you only need one and not five. BUT HOW AMAZING! It’s rare to see such elegant mid-century inspired exterior lights. AND THEY COME IN COLORS LIKE TURQUOISE TOO (shown at top)! And they are huge! And there are matching outdoor pendantsMy favorite all around source for authentic looking mid century lights, both interior and exterior, has to be Practical Props. Prices are nice and the lines are modern all the way. We have one of their baby sputniks in our entry and love it. This bowtie, double cone light would be my top pick for a whole house upgrade if/when I ever get there in the future. This profile is not easy to come by with an outdoor rating and that price is so good!!!  Pinhole version here

I love the look of minimal architectural sconces and there are so many options right now! Again, Practical Props, would be my go to.How about these globe torches??!! Yay or nay? Looking straight outta the 60’s, I give ’em an enthusiastic yay.

If you are looking for cheap, extremely affordable lights exist! We lived with these globe lights in our backyard for years as a placeholder (that we bought even cheaper at ReStore!) and they did the job. My husband actually lobbied to keep them because they are quirky and give off a good amount of light. I was ready to upgrade to something more substantial this time, but these globes, readily available for $20-30, are a great option!

These jar lights, too, are very cute and only $12! TWELVE DOLLARS! Maybe not for every house, but could hit the spot on a funky little modern shack.

Now, this one is intriguing. LED lights scary me because: SO COLD SOMETIMES! I picture these as super unique and fun garage lights…with warm light!

So are these cool or just bad weird??? I think they could work on the right house.

Traditional lanterns aren’t usually something I’m drawn to, but this is a great modern version.You all always have the best ideas so please add any favorites you have in the comments!!! xoxo